Best Rabbit Hutches

A lot of us bunny owners – myself included – like to set up our pets outside. We do this for a multitude of reasons: good climate, fresh air, no space in the house, among others. It can be a little daunting to leave your buns outside for the first time, especially at night, and even more so in the winter. Bunnies are made of stronger stuff than you’d think, however. Mine, in particular, could not care one bit about the temperature outside as they self-regulate very well.

With that being said, you have to look into getting a sturdy hutch that keeps any potential predators out, and your buns safely tucked away inside. There are plenty of rabbit hutches out there that serve this purpose, but some more than others have more desirable traits to consider. We are going to look at those ones here!

10 Best Rabbit Hutches in 2020

1. Good Life Wooden Waterproof Hutch


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The Good Life hutch is the perfect place to start. It displays all the qualities we want to be looking for when shopping for a new hutch. This will keep your buns warm, safe, and comfortable.

Protection From The Elements

With a waterproof roof and indoor upper floor, this hutch will make sure that when the bad weather arrives, your fur babies will be safe and sound. The sloped roof overhangs to prevent rain trickling in.

Room For Two

The size of this hutch combined with the two-floored design means you can easily house two bunnies quite happily. You could even get three in there comfortably, although getting three rabbits to get along is a challenge in itself!


  • The waterproof overhanging roof protects from the elements.
  • Enough space for two or three rabbits.
  • Enclosed upper floor.
  • Three doors for easy access.
  • Three slide-out floors make cleaning easy.


  • Shallow trays so bedding spills outside.
  • The wood quality is not the most premium.

2. Petsfit Bunny Outdoor Hutch

best rabbit hutches - Petsfit Bunny Cages Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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This simply gorgeous hutch is easily the prettiest available. The outer balcony – not accessible to the buns – is a terrific place to place flowers so this hutch fits right into a garden setting. The upper level is split into open and closed halves.

Unrivaled Beauty

There’s no question that this is the best-looking hutch on the list. The cutesy aesthetic is sure to be a hit with kids or any visitors you have. The weatherproof roof is stylish and functional, as it creates a nice cottage look and opens up for easy access.

Secure Build

The pre-drilled holes and good material mean you will sleep soundly knowing your hutch is keeping your bunny safe and secure while they relax. The doors are all safely latched to make sure no predators can get in.


  • The cutest design for indoor or outdoor use.
  • A clever hinged roof that opens for checking on your buns.
  • Relatively simple to put together.
  • Private indoor area.
  • Pull-out cleaning trays.


  • Not much space for standing fully.
  • Awkward shape to maneuver.

3. Purlove Two Story Indoor Outdoor Hutch

best rabbit hutches - PURLOVE 50 Wood Rabbit Cage 2 Story Indoor Outdoor Bunny Hutch

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I have actually used this one for my two oldest bunnies for a couple of years now and am thrilled with it. The design is cute, a little cottage for a happy couple! It functions well and stands the test of time.

Secluded And Safe

What sets this one apart from what we’ve seen so far is that it has a lot more full walls. Only the doors and the bottom front panel are open with mesh. This keeps the elements out and your buns will feel safer.

Lots Of Space

Like I said, I keep two bunnies in this hutch very comfortably. Both levels have plenty of space to run around in (or hide from each other when they fall out!) and there is plenty of space for a litter tray and all the toys they need.


  • Safety first with excellent protection.
  • Plenty of room for more than one pet.
  • Cute design with porthole upper window.
  • Slide-out cleaning trays.
  • Solid, longlasting structure.


  • Lots of solid wall makes it dark inside.
  • Awkward to clean the back.

4. Lovupet Two Story Outdoor Hutch

best rabbit hutches - Lovupet 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch

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This Lovupet model comes with a very nifty trapdoor and some other excellent features that make it an enticing product for your furry friend. It’s light, easy to put together, and a good environment for your rabbit.

Funky Features

The roof lifts completely on a hinge to make it easy to peek in on your buns and check on them without disturbing. There is a trap door that separates the upper and lower levels, so you can clean one floor with the buns on the other.

Fantastic Color Scheme

The Lovupet comes in a huge range of colors to suit every home and them you could want. The cute love heart detailing is a nice touch too.


  • Available in a range of colors.
  • Handy lip on the outside of the upper floor.
  • Plenty of protection on both floors.
  • Great ventilation with spaced out wire.
  • Trap door separates levels for easy cleaning.


  • Flimsy latches need support if outside.
  • Sliding drawers don’t open if there’s a lot of bedding.

5. Magshion Spacious Wooden Hutch

best rabbit hutches - Magshion Spacious Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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This hutch combines the space to exercise with the security of a solid indoor home. The large open run area is ideal for rabbits with plenty of energy. The heavy-duty wire fence keeps unwanted visitors out. 

Playtime Space

The amount of space offered by this chicken coop style design means that your buns get a good-sized run alongside their hutch. For more living space you could even combine it with a larger sheltered area.

No Problem To Clean

With the outer exposed area flush with the floor there is nothing to clean or tidy! Just open up the sleeping area to change bedding while litter is taken in by the garden. It is quite easy to lift in the need for mowing.


  • So much room to run and play.
  • Large hinged door on the roof to reach in.
  • Pest-resistant wood wards off nasty critters.
  • Decent sized private area for resting.
  • The galvanized wire protects most of the structure.


  • The rest area is a little small.
  • Open bottom and sitting flat on the floor is a risk.

6. PawHut Two Story Elevated Stacked Hutch 

best rabbit hutches - PawHut Wooden Outdoor Bunny Rabbit Hutch with Customizable Run

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This PawHut gets the best of both worlds; a nice asymmetrical design that offers light, ventilation, and privacy. The host of opening panels and doors make this a great option. The two-story stacking fits into smaller spaces than you’d think!

Breezy And Solid

The combination of fir wood wall and wire grates are broken up around the hutch so that no side is left too exposed. Having three sides with open panels is amazing for circulation and keeping the hutch fresh.

Solid Under Pressure

The streamlined design and good airflow mean that this hutch stands up to the elements. It is sturdy and centered so wind won’t damage it and the rain is kept off by the waterproof roof and treated paintwork.


  • Nice amount of space inside.
  • Excellent ventilation and lighting.
  • Brilliant access from all four doors and roof.
  • Trays for cleaning and feeding easily.
  • The rustic, vintage design looks great in the garden.


  • Flat roof leaves no room for buns to stand.
  • No guide holes in some areas.

7. EcoFlex Columbia Rabbit Hutch


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The cleverest material we’ve seen in rabbit hutches could be ecoFLEX, which makes up this hutch from Habitat N’ Home. The wood/plastic blend offers some interesting benefits to help your rabbit live their best life.

Smart Material

The ecoFLEX that makes up the structure is a material that won’t crack, split, or bend due to wear and tear. It will keep your bunny from trying to chew through it, and best of all, it’s non-toxic!

Close To Nature

The bottom floor is open to the ground below and entirely surrounded by mesh walls. This will make your bunny feel like they are as natural as can be! The solid upper layer is heavy enough that predators won’t be able to get in.


  • Clever build material prevents wear.
  • Light and airy downstairs.
  • Large bedding area upstairs.
  • Hinged roof and solid security latches.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Awkward to move if needed.
  • No floor opens up your bun to the elements.

8. U-Max Rabbit Hutch Pet House

best rabbit hutches - U-MAX Rabbit Hutch Pet House

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The U-MAX has some great, essential features all rabbit hutches need to have. With a solid base and good floorplan, this hutch will not cave into the weather or your nibbly little bunny. There’s plenty of access for you with two roof doors.

Long-Lasting Tray

The cleaning tray you find in this hutch is deeper than others, which can get clogged with bedding or litter. It is also made from plastic so it’s easy to clean and wipes down in a flash.

Plenty Of Privacy

The taller area of this hutch is devoted to your bunny’s privacy. They have more room to burrow, forage and generally chill out in here! It will also keep them dry and safe. 


  • Lots of privacy. 
  • The roof of the hutch and wire cage both open for access. 
  • A deeper tray means less clogging.
  • An open roof gives excellent ventilation.
  • Eco-friendly non-toxic varnish.


  • Buns can chew through the wood if they don’t have enough toys.
  • It takes some time to put together.

9. PurLove Rabbit Hutch Wood House

best rabbit hutches - PURLOVE Rabbit Hutch Wood House

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This hutch has a lovely mix of heights for a quirky look and a good spot for your bun to stretch out or play with some hanging toys. Rabbits in this hutch are in the thick of nature with large open walls of mesh.

Outdoor Feel

Whether you keep your bunny indoors or outside the space afforded by the tall open lower level is great for giving your bun a feeling of space. Bunnies should be able to stand up fully in their habitat, and this hutch provides more than enough room. Plus, it’s airy and fresh! 

Perfect For Play

The height also offers an opportunity to hang plenty of toys from the mesh ceiling. your rabbit’s favorite toys. This encourages play and exercise, while also saving the floor space for your buns as the toys hang from the roof.


  • Lots of ventilation. 
  • A healthy level of space. 
  • Safe bedding zone upstairs. 
  • Classic backyard look. 
  • Lots of accessibility. 


  • The open floor attracts more critters in summer. 
  • Not as durable as our other entries.

10. PawHut Wooden Outdoor Hutch

best rabbit hutches - PawHut 48 2-Story Elevated Stacked Wooden Rabbit Hutch

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This PawHut hutch comes with a brilliant little feature for making feeding time more fun for everyone! It also has ample space for your rabbit to keep busy throughout the day, and you can lift out almost the entire hutch in order to grab those buns for their vet visits or nail clippings!

Feeding Fun

Feeding the rabbits is often a pain; holding food and hay while trying to open the hutch and simultaneously preventing a bunny escape. Well, this hutch has a very ideal feeding trough! Simply open it up, fill the trough with hay, grass, and food and let your bun work their way through it.

Hygienic And Effective

The trough also protects against bunnies that move their hay around – sometimes into their litter – before eating it. The trough lid is the same waterproof material as the roof, so there’s no chance of soggy treats waiting for your bun!


  • Food trough is unique.
  • Waterproof roof and lid.
  • Durable fir wood construction.
  • Open up the whole thing for access.
  • Tight steel wire grid.


  • Small, needs a run.
  • Not much light let in.

Our Conclusion

Some notes to make when shopping for a new hutch: firstly, size matters. Your bun needs enough room to hop three times from end to end, and ideally enough vertical space to stand up fully. There also has to be a secluded room for your bunny to rest in and spend some alone time if they get nervous. You wouldn’t want to be sat in the open outdoors all night, would you?

In the end, hutch shopping is a fun experience, especially when you see some of the amazing-looking designs on the market right now. Armed with this knowledge and with these products in mind, weigh them up against each other, bearing in mind your bunny’s preferences, whether it will be an indoor or outdoor hutch, and how much physical space you have to accommodate it. For outdoor bunnies, I highly recommend looking at getting a run to give them the exercise you need without worrying about them escaping the garden or chewing something they shouldn’t!