Best Rabbit Hay

Getting your bunny the proper hay is vital for a well-rounded diet and crucial to developing a healthy immune system. The wrong formula can cause serious long-term problems like the build-up of bladder sludge and urinary issues. I know that all sounds serious, but you can avoid all that by doing good research and buying the right hay. With that in mind, take a look at the ten best hays you can find for 2020. 

10 Best Rabbit Hay in 2020

1. Small Pet Select Perfect Blend Timothy

best rabbit hay - Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Perfect Blend Timothy Hay

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If your bun needs extra fiber or to lose a little weight then Small Pet Select’s 1st cutting works. If weight gain is what they need, go for the 3rd. The 2nd cutting – shockingly – comes right in between for the perfect balance.

Best Of Both Worlds 

It’s the blend to suit all adult rabbits in good health. It has the standard level of fiber, protein, and fat for the perfect balance of nutrients and taste. Your rabbit will want to nibble all day!

Fresh Delivery

Another fantastic selling point for this hay is the delivery service. While most hay is sent compressed in plastic to save on storage, Small Pets Select package theirs in breathable boxes that allow for longer-lasting freshness. 


  • Nutrition and freshness guaranteed in every breathable box. 
  • Excellent blend of timothy hay with fiber to promote healthy digestion. 
  • Encourages picky buns to keep their teeth worn down. 
  • Flower heads and leafy stems provide a nice mix of texture. 
  • It’s premium timothy hay which promotes overall good health. 


  • It can get dry if left in the box for too long. 
  • Too rough for some buns. 

2. OxBow Blends Timothy Orchard

best rabbit hay - Hay Blends Timothy Orchard

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A terrific mixture of Oxbow’s most popular hand-fresh grass hays, Hay Blends combines qualities like high fiber, multiple textures, and bond-building mealtimes. 

Keeps Picky Eaters Happy

A range of hay keeps your bunny from neglecting different textures and tastes. Having a blend of tastes in one bag makes for enriching feeding. Picky eaters should get used to having different tastes by expanding their palette. 

Essential Dental And Digestion

Any good timothy hay provides the bull of a balanced diet. This hay is no different, with the added bonus of being tasty enough to encourage constant nibbling. 


  • Benefits dental and digestive health. 
  • Multiple flavors and textures to chew on. 
  • Hand-sorted for the best choice of hay. 
  • No added preservatives, flavors or colors. 
  • Variety prevents boredom at mealtimes. 


  • Not the best value for money. 
  • The bottom of the bag can be dusty so beware. 

3. Kaytee All Natural Timothy

best hay for rabbits - Kaytee Timothy Hay

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Kaytee’s Timothy Hay is made in a climate perfect for fresh and nutritional hay. Being one of the most well-known and popular brands in the small pet business comes from consistently delivering products that are high in quality. 

Made With Care

Each batch of timothy hay is made with quality in mind. Keeping a good ratio of leaves to stems helps build a varied diet and creates a great base diet to accompany fresh veg, pellets, and treats. 

Support From America’s #1

As the top hay brand in the country Kaytee provides 1st and 2nd cut hay to cater to bunnies with different fiber requirements. With high nutritional value and professional manufacturing you can trust that this hay will keep your buns happy and healthy. 

Climate Control

The hay is grown in the best locations to optimize freshness and top nutrition. The latest and best technology is put to use to make every batch of Kaytee’s hay as fresh and healthy as it can possibly be. 


  • Trusted brand with decades of experience. 
  • Different cuts for different fiber needs.
  • Longer strands to encourage wearing down teeth. 
  • Moisture and climate control for optimal freshness. 
  • Prebiotics and probiotics support good digestion. 


  • Not the most pleasant scent. 
  • Dusty in the latter half of the bag. 

4. Oxbow Western Timothy

best rabbit hay - Oxbow Timothy Hay

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Oxbow is probably Kaytee’s biggest competitor in terms of popularity. Their classic timothy hay is exactly what you’d expect from such a renowned brand. Nutritional? Check. High fiber, low calcium and protein? Check. Additive and preservative-free? Check! 

Irresistible Scent

The fresh, natural fragrance that this hay gives off will attract your rabbits to it as though it was a treat. Encouraging the consumption of a rabbit’s most important dietary requirement is a big win for this hay. 

The Taste Of Nature

Having a well-developed mix of stems, leaves, seed heads and extra long strands of hay is important and efficient. You can cut down on buying multiple products when this one ticks a lot of dietary boxes. 


  • A market leader for over 15 years. 
  • A fresh scent that your bunny will love. 
  • Protects the gastrointestinal tract. 
  • Hand-sorted for the best strands in every bag. 
  • Neutral taste and texture suits all taste buds. 


  • It can be delivered with brown stems or a little dry. 
  • The occasional bag can be inconsistent, a problem with fussy eaters.

5. Pillow Wad Meadow Superior

best rabbit hay - Pillow Wad Meadow Hay

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Pillow Wad offers fantastic hay for an excellent price. The natural, unchopped stems make excellent nesting material as well as chewable snacking potential. 

Full Of Goodness

This hay is packed full of vitamins that will help your bunny process their food and keep them active and energized. The hay provides a track to healthy teeth, intestines, and excretion so your bun is happy from front to back! 

Multi-purpose Product

We all enjoy the functionality of one product doing the job of two, don’t we? In this case we have a good source that is equally capable of making a great nest or even litter. Just make sure your rabbit doesn’t get their pills mixed up! 


  • Long strands for extended snacking. 
  • Great for nesting in winter. 
  • Filled with vitamins. 
  • The range of flavor and scent is good for noses, teeth, and tummies! 
  • Dust extracted, giving the least irritation to you and your pet. 


  • You can’t choose between 1st and 2nd cut. 
  • An acquired taste – might take some getting used to. 

6. Small Pet Select Orchard Grass

best rabbit hay - Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food

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While this second offering from Small Pets Select isn’t timothy hay, it is an excellent substitute for it if you suffer from grass or hay allergies. The orchard hay is the ideal option for those of you with indoor bunnies and conditions like asthma that flare up when feeding.

Safe For You!

If you’re not around, how will your bunny eat? Look after yourself – asthma sufferers in particular – with orchard grass. It’s also high in fiber and provides similar benefits to timothy hay, even aiding digestion so you can use it full time.

Fresh And Flavorful

Due to being packaged in the same strong, corrugated cardboard boxes Small Pet Select use with their timothy hay, you can count on this to reach you fresh, fragrant, and full of fantastic flavor!


  • Wows your bun with flavor.
  • An alternative to timothy hay for allergy sufferers.
  • A great accompaniment to timothy hay for a more complete (and interesting) diet.
  • Freshly packaged and sent with care.
  • The meadow-fresh scent is available in packages up to 50lb!


  • Larger weights have a tendency to contain brown stems. 
  • Flavors can be inconsistent, with picky bunnies loving some and leaving others.

7. Standlee Western Forage Timothy

best rabbit hay - Standlee Premium Western Forage Timothy Grass

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This hay is certified to contain no noxious weeds, is entirely chemical and additive-free, and actively encourages foraging and burrowing with the long stems of the grass left intact. Standlee’s Timothy Grass product is a hit with the herbivores!

Premium Grass With No Extras

As mentioned, this is non-toxic with no additives, chemicals, or preservatives. It’s just 100% freshly grown timothy grass hay, sun-dried and farm fresh. Because of this, it provides your bun all the fiber and good stuff you expect from your hay, with zero risks from toxins.

Smells Divine And Lasts

The biggest selling point with the Standlee hay is its fantastic scent. A lot of brands have that farm-fresh meadow smell, but there’s something about the production of this one that really stands out – and lasts well past delivery, too.


  • Amazing natural scent.
  • Sharp new stylish and functional packaging.
  • 2nd cut with a nice range of textures.
  • Variety in the box entices rabbits to chow down.
  • The all-natural formula is free of any nastiness.


  • The flavor may need enhancing by mixing with some fresh veg.
  • Tightly packed and a little dusty.

8. Grandpa’s Best Orchard Grass

best rabbit hay - Grandpa's Best Orchard Grass

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Grandpa’s Best back up their sweet name with honest and great service if you’re not satisfied. Another brand made by nature and hand-picked for freshness, this orchard grass (as well as their timothy hay option) are also hand-bailed before shipping.

Soft Enough For Sleeping

The soft orchard grass makes this a more versatile choice than timothy hay. Your bunny will happily use it for snacking or nesting, with the long strands making for good burrowing material. It also provides the allergy relief orchard hay gives you. 

Delightful Scent For Cages

If you keep your bunny indoors then this hay is wonderful for providing a rich and aromatic scent that fills their cage with the aroma of a meadow. No more stale hay smell enveloping your home! 


  • A fantastic scent for indoor buns. 
  • Long strands perfect for foraging.
  • Extra nibbly to encourage proper tooth wear. 
  • An allergy-friendly alternative to timothy hay. 
  • Made on chemical-free land with low risk to your bunny.


  • The bail needs to be stored in your own container to keep it fresh.
  • Not as good value for money as similar products.

9. Oxbow BeneTerra Organic Meadow

best rabbit hay - Oxbow BeneTerra Organic Meadow Hay

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Oxbow’s meadow hay is a favorite of bunnies everywhere due to a surprising reason – it’s actually fun! There’s something about the strength and feel of this hay that encourages rabbits to make beds and little houses out of them before chomping their way through it. 

Building Tool

Rabbits can get bored sat munching away all day. It sounds like they’re living the dream to me! However, with this hay they actively enjoy moving it around their habitat, making new smaller houses from it and snuggling down in it while chewing away.

Certified Organic

It helps that this is natural hay made in an organic environment. Bunnies will pick up on this and love it as a result! Of course, this also means it is the high-fiber, low protein blend that is typical of well-made hay and won’t cause your bun any tummy issues or chemical problems.


  • A great material to turn a regular day into playtime.
  • Organic production benefits the environment as well as your pet!
  • Freshness is ingrained in every bag.
  • Similar allergic benefits to orchard hay.
  • A great accompaniment to a timothy-based diet.


  • Alfalfa-based – not ideal for sole feeding. Combine with an orchard or timothy hay.
  • Quite coarse, some bunnies might turn their nose up at it!

10. Sunsations Natural Timothy

best rabbit hay - Sunsations Natural Timothy Hay

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We round off our list with Sunsations’ classic Natural Timothy Hay. Much like all cuts of timothy hay it is the best choice for promoting healthy digestion and a happy bunny. You know the drill by now, always go for timothy hay when you can to make up the majority of your bun’s daily diet!

No Surprises

All the classic benefits of timothy hay; nutritional, organic, high-fiber. The long strands are a must for good dental health, with low calcium and protein to prevent bladder buildup and urinary problems. Leading a balanced diet, this hay keeps your rabbit’s system regular.

Vet Recommended

The formula and fiber contents of this hay are vet-approved, chemical-free, and overall a safe and easy choice to keep your fluffy family members happy and protected from unsafe products and additives.


  • Properly functioning digestive aid.
  • Long strands to keep teeth active.
  • Low calcium wards off internal problems.
  • Vet-approved from a trustworthy source.
  • Easy to feed with loosely packed strands.


  • It doesn’t come in huge portions.
  • Dust and scent aren’t ideal for indoor buns.

Our Conclusion

One very important note to make: when you’re buying farm-fresh hay you will get the freshest product, but expect to find inconsistencies. Seasons can affect color and moisture content. You will also no doubt find stories on multiple products warning against buying because of unwanted critters getting into the packaging. Unfortunately, this is a factor that farm-picked hay can suffer from across the board. The upside is that fresh hay is better for your bunnies, your nose and your home, so don’t let the occasional horror story put you off! Brands are always trying new ways to maximize quality control.