Best Rabbit Food

Bunnies have a good life. They are quite happy to chill in their hutch, eat and drink all day, and have the odd hop around the garden or house when they feel like it. They’re basically living the dream! Because they make quite low maintenance pets, however, it is easily forgotten how important good quality food is for their overall health. Stick with this list when you shop for your rabbit food to keep them healthy, happy, and hoppy!

10 Best Rabbit Food in 2020

1. Small Pet Select Pellets

best rabbit food - Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets

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Small Pet Select isn’t the biggest company in the game, but they take pride in what they do; and what they do scores highly for freshness and ingredient structure.

Clarity Of Ingredients

There’s no messing around with the Small Pet Select recipe. Why would there be? It’s formula is recommended by vets as a simple way of keeping your rabbit healthy. They are proud to source fresh ingredients for the best results.

Treated Like Treats 

One major upside of this food is that bunnies, on the whole, seem to love it! When your pet is excited when you put regular meals in their bowl, you know that something is right.


  • Backed by vets to provide the nutrition your bun needs.
  • Available in a range from 5-25lbs for all sizes of furry family.
  • Timothy hay-based, providing good fiber for a balanced diet.
  • Small US business with family ideals and money-back guarantee.
  • Fresh product delivered to your door.


  • Not 100% nutritional – does contain a few additives.
  • Occasionally ships with some debris intact – sift through the bag before feeding.

2. Ecotrition Essential Blend

best rabbbit food - Ecotrition Essential Blend Food For Adult Rabbits

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Balance is a good thing to have in any diet – regardless of species – so it’s good to know that Ecotrition’s Essential Blend provides a great range of color and flavor. Just make sure you’re not giving our bunny too much of the good stuff!

Variety – The Spice Of Life

A big win for this food is the range of fruits, vegetables, grains and hays present. You don’t need as much of the extra stuff to balance the diet here; it’s a nearly-all-in-one!

Best Of Both 

With fruits and veg acting as treats for your bunnies they will go straight for them, saving the timothy-rich for later for constant chewing.


  • Lots of color in the bowl for your bunnies stimulation.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals to promote growth and health.
  • Lots of things your bunnies will love – grains, vegetables, fruits and hays.
  • Handy resealable bag for maximum freshness.
  • The mixture of treats and pellets will mean the bowl lasts longer as they pick and choose.


  • You need to stay on top of portion control as, unless balanced with the right amount of timothy hay, your bun could suffer stomach issues.
  • Time-consuming as you may need to separate treats from pellets to ensure a healthy ratio.

3. Kaytee Timothy Complete

best rabbit food - Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food

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Kaytee is a big player in the small animal world. Their rabbit food is packed with the things you’d expect from a team that know what they’re doing.

Bunnies Love It!

As previously mentioned, a very obvious sign of good rabbit food is your rabbits enjoying mealtimes. Well, this is another example of a regular food that bunnies can’t get enough of!

Ingredient Composition

Made from timothy hay, with all the aids your pet needs for chewing and digestion, the Kaytee formula has been boiled down to give your bunny just what they need.


  • Made primarily with timothy hay to eliminate sugar and calcium.
  • Chewable shape and texture promote good dental health.
  • Cost-effective and available in 4.5lb and 9.5lb bags.
  • Supports digestion with prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Big-name brand, popular with fellow rabbit owners.


  • Breeders beware. The soy in this food can affect fertility.
  • Preservatives used are up for debate around their effect on health.

4. Oxbow Garden Select Fortified

best rabbit food - Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Rabbits

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Oxbow food is a favorite of rabbit owners. Another big brand name with the product to back up their status as a high-quality provider. Their Garden Select range has some great qualities you won’t find many other places.

All Natural

Using grass hay as a primary source, this food is as similar to what your rabbit would forage for in the wild as possible. The recipe is non-GMO meaning it’s as natural as picking it yourself.

Balanced Formula

The three types of grass hay with their high fiber content is about as healthy as it gets. No need to worry about easing your bunny into changing food; they’ll go to town on it on instinct alone!


  • Three types of grass hay for a great variety.
  • Non-GMO formula best mimics a rabbit’s natural diet.
  • Easy to change your bunny over to this as it’s an instinctive snacking food for them.
  • Freshest and healthiest recipe.
  • High fiber – necessary for digestion.


  • Small size – only comes in 4lb bags so you may have to bulk buy.
  • Higher on the price scale than other brands.

5. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health

best rabbit food - Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Rabbit Food

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Kaytee makes a second appearance with its diet-centric range. This one even has a juvenile rabbit feed, so you can stick with the same Kaytee formula from a young bun to adulthood.

Brand Longevity

Having a dedicated formula for younger rabbits, and then being able to easily switch over to the adult brand is a smart way to retain customers. But a consistent diet means no adjusting to strange new ingredients, which is also good for the bunnies!

Freshness Guaranteed

From the minute you receive your food, to the last scrapings of the bowl, you can guarantee freshness with the natural preservation and resealable bag. I mention the resealable bag a lot in this article: it sounds minor but actually really helps.


  • Great crunch to aid your bun’s chewing activity.
  • Kept fresh by naturally preserving.
  • Resealable bag keeps the freshness going once it reaches you.
  • 5lb and 10lb bags are both reasonably priced.
  • Digestive prebiotics and probiotics.


  • Artificial colors included for aesthetic, but not healthy.
  • Switching to this may cause weight loss if not supplemented well with hay and veg.

6. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet

best rabbit food - Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Rabbit Food Mix

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Living up to the ‘Gourmet’ part of the name, the Sunburst Gourmet Rabbit Mix is brimming with various fabulous features to increase all kinds of health areas; from nose to tail and everywhere in between.

No Artificials

No artificial colors or preservatives. You’ve probably seen that advertised as a huge health benefit in human food and drink products, right? Well, the same applies to animals too!

Ideal Mixture

There’s been a nice mix of grains, veg, and fruits worked into the Gourmet range. All those natural colors and digestion-aiding nutrients make for a well-balanced food your rabbit will thank you for.


  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Natural colors and nutrients for a happy rabbit.
  • Good Omega fatty acids balanced with digestive probiotics.
  • Consistent mix through the bag to enable a balanced diet.
  • Promotes a shiny coat and good health – the proof is in the fluff!


  • It can ship with more particles at the bottom of the bag than other providers.
  • Alfalfa content is high-calcium – essential to give them timothy hay with this.

7. Russel Rabbit Carrot & Timothy Hay

best rabbit food - Russel Rabbit Carrot & Leek Premium Complete Food

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Russel Rabbit’s best offering features fresh veg actually mixed in with the pellets for a lovely surprise at feeding time. Not to mention the time you’ll save not having to chop carrots and leeks every day!

No Added Nastiness

With no extra sugar or coloring, the Premium Complete food lives up to both ends of the name. The vegetables provide natural antioxidants (the best kind), and the combination of textures and tastes will no doubt stimulate your bunnies’ taste buds.

Get Their 5-A-Day 

More than anything, it’s a great way of getting regular vegetables into their diet. It can be difficult with a busy life to make time to chop up some carrots or remember to pick up kale when you’re out shopping. With Russel Rabbit you don’t have to worry! 


  • No added sugars or colors which are bad for your bun.
  • Real vegetables provide natural antioxidants.
  • Good mix of textures for dental health.
  • A nice range of tastes your rabbit will keep coming back to.
  • Good for encouraging foraging.


  • Picky bunnies can leave the pellets and only take the veg. Use as a treat in these cases.
  • Lacks some digestive nutrition you would have to find elsewhere.

8. Selective Naturals Grain Free

best rabbit food - Selective Naturals Grain Free Rabbit Food

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They don’t come much more natural than Selective Naturals Grain Free Rabbit Food. Full of great stuff to look after your fur baby inside and out. 

Healthy On The Outside

A brilliant benefit of this food is the effect it has on your bunny’s fur. A soft, shiny coat is the hallmark of a healthy pet, and the linseed present in Selective’s Grain Free food will make your bun glow! If they look healthy on the outside they will be healthy on the inside. 

Only The Good Stuff

As we know, timothy hay plays a huge part in rabbit health. More than that, only the best natural ingredients go into this formula. You won’t find any molasses or other nasty sugary ingredients that might cause obesity or complications in your rabbit’s immune system. 


  • Rich in natural ingredients.
  • Made with timothy hay – which we know by now is a big bonus!
  • Includes linseed which helps with a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • No added sugars or colors.
  • Garden veg and timothy hay are high-fiber for good digestion.


  • A little plain – you can remedy this by mixing fresh veg in.
  • Very small at 3.3lbs for the average price point.

9. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified

best rabbit food - Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Pet Rabbit Food

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Vitakraft has thrown a lot of elements into its Vitamin Fortified food. The colors to please the palette, the DHA Omega 3 and nutrient-packed pellets, and gastrointestinal support can all be yours for less than you might expect.

Forage Friendly

With a host of natural ingredients and nutrition bursting out of every bite, your bunny will be transported to the wild foraging days of their ancestors. Ye Olde Grandpa Bunny would be proud.

Scores Of Health Benefits 

The benefits this food provides goes literally from head to toe. Everything from brain health, heart strength, immune system building, strong nails, and a clean coat are covered in one bag.


  • DHA Omega 3 supports everything from the brain to heart health to coat shine.
  • Plenty of flavors in every bowl for your bunny to sink their teeth into.
  • Wallet-friendly, excellent value for money.
  • Good support for the immune system.
  • Concentrated nutrients in every pellet. 


  • It may be best as a treat for certain breeds.
  • Intense flavors are difficult to change over to.

10. Mazuri Timothy-Based

best rabbit food - Mazuri Timothy-Based Rabbit Food

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Our final entry is another impressive blend of taste and function from Mazuri. Positive reactions from pets and owners alike, combined with their strikingly clean design is making this brand a growing player in the small pet market.

Fantastic Feedback

The feedback from fellow rabbit owners has been nothing short of outstanding for Mazuri, and there’s nothing like a glowing review to sell your brand more than marketing ever could. As always; a happy pet makes a happy human, so the kind words prove that this is a worthy product. 

Covers The Bases

All the usual tick boxes are checked; digestive aid, probiotics, coat strength, and (of course) timothy hay-based! All this with the added benefit of near-eliminating the ammonia smell in the hutch – very handy if you have indoor bunnies.


  • The high fiber content aids digestion.
  • Probiotics help the intestinal tract.
  • Natural sources of Omega 3.
  • Timothy-based so low calcium and protein to halt unwanted weight gain.
  • Reduces ammonia odor.


  • 5lb option only so bulk-buying needed.
  • Expensive compared to similar products from other brands.

Our Conclusion

While all the options we’ve looked at here are great for your bun, remember that good food is not the only thing to think about when looking after a rabbit. Good quality hay, a spacious hutch or cage, and a balanced diet including plenty of veggies are all essential when it comes to giving your floppy friend their best life. For those living by themselves, keep them entertained with toys that test their brain. (My youngest bunny is an unsociable thing, but loves treat balls and wicker to nibble on!) Getting your bunny adjusted to a new brand can also be a challenge so be prepared for some strops in the beginning!