Best Rabbit Cages

A lot of bunny owners like to keep their furballs indoors, giving them the freedom to hop around to their heart’s content in the safety of the home. With any indoor bunnies you need a good cage to keep them secure and comfortable while you get on with housework or go out for the day.

The world of rabbit habitats (or rabbits, you are free to use that liberally) is full of possibility. Shopping for a new home for your bun is actually a fun and rewarding process if you know what to look for. You might even learn something about your bunny! With that being said, let’s take a look at the ten best rabbit cages on the market in 2020.

10 Best Rabbit Cages in 2020

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat


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The Living World Deluxe range is a brilliantly put together design housing a bundle of features that make life easier for you and your rabbit! Coming in a range of sizes, you’ll have no problem getting a good-sized cage that your bunny can relax in, with a stylish color scheme and clever manufacturing.

The Little Things

The attention to smaller details gives this cage an edge. I especially like the integrated food bowl that is fixed to the floor of the cage’s balcony. Yes, it has a balcony, another useful feature that allows your bun to explore the extra level.

Smart Design

This cage is full of very handy features. The curved roof opens in halves for easier access, there are more than enough clips to keep the structure solid, and the attached feeder and water bottle match the sleekness of the cage design.


  • Fantastic design – it won’t lower the tone of the room.
  • Second level balcony for exercise and exploration.
  • Securable food bowl to keep tippers from making a mess!
  • The XL size is 46x22x24 inches, leaving plenty of space for play.
  • Plastic base and wire framework provide comfort and ventilation.


  • Not the easiest to assemble.
  • A pricey option.

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe


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Our first Midwest offering is more toned-down in style compared to the Living World Deluxe, but in terms of design it offers a lot of the same benefits. A simple, classic cage, the Wabbitat Deluxe also has optional extras that can really add to the aesthetic.


While the XL cage is an ample size for a bunny to live in, you can opt to pick up either a wire or a hutch extension that slots right into the wall of this model. The hutch is the best option as it gives your bun a little space for privacy, bedding, or litter.

Easy Cleaning

The 5.5” plastic base is perfect for laying down a nice, thick layer of bedding and litter, as well as being easy to clean. Access is gained through top and side panels to save you from having to stretch around to every corner.


  • An adorable and very functional hutch extension.
  • Plenty of room for two buns with the wire extension.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Deep plastic base for mess-free bedding.
  • Excellent price, even with extensions added.


  • It lacks a little in height.
  • Awkward to line up the base with the cage while assembling.

3. AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage


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The Amazon Basics range might seem like it should be only used for cookware or cheap phone chargers, but this rabbit cage is a brilliant price and has all the amenities of our first two rabbits. The Jumbo size is even plenty big enough for two smaller buns.

Easy Assembly

It might just be me, but it is never easy undertaking a cage build as the wire walls seem to have a mind of their own. Not here; the assembly is as easy as some simple instructions and ten minutes of your time.

Functional Features

The balcony, bowl, feeder, and bottle might not be as stylish and match like other brands, but they do the job just as well. In fact, the ramp to the higher level is more gradual than most for easier access.


  • Simple, quick assembly with no tools.
  • Very handy double folding roof and side doors.
  • Great size, fit for two bunnies.
  • The good private area under the large balcony platform.
  • Kinder sloped ramp for older buns.


  • Not very stylish.
  • The ramp being longer means it takes up more space in the cage.

4. Midwest Wabbitat Folding Cage


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Midwest’s second entry is more akin to a dog cage than a home you would associate with bunnies. It has some great unique features with it being a near-full wire cage, with good accessibility and innovative cleaning and storage solutions.

Convenience All The Way

The ways this cage makes your life easier are just terrific. The door panels on the front and top can be opened with one hand. The plastic floor simply slides out for the easiest cleaning, and it folds completely flat in seconds for storage or travel.

More Suitable Than You Think

While it looks uncomfortable and harsh, the mesh lining on the floor actually helps to protect your bunny by letting waste through and helping prevent sore hocks on the bottom of their feet. It also comes with a urine guard to place in the litter corner.


  • Amazing storage solution – fold flat when on the go or moving.
  • Finished in black Electrocoat for durable long-lasting performance.
  • Ideal for cleaning – the plastic floor just slides out.
  • The sliding latch is easy to access with one hand.
  • Protection for your bun’s feet with a ¼” mesh grate.


  • Aside from the urine guard, there’s no protection from the mess.
  • A touch narrow compared to most cages.

5. Ware Manufacturing Sweet Home Sunseed


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This is the perfect option to go with if you’ve just got the kids a new fluffy friend or have adopted a young bun from a litter. Ware sends this one out with all the tools you need to get right down to settling your new bunny into their home.

Total Package

Not only does it come with a food bowl and water bottle, but Ware also sends out the Sunseed Starter Pack with food, bedding, hay and a chew treat! All you need to do is set it up and introduce your bunny to their new home.

Super Simple

Speaking of doing everything for you, this cage comes with a ridiculously easy two-part assembly. Just fix the plastic base to the wire cage and you’re ready to go. Perfect for new rabbit owners.


  • Amazingly simple assembly.
  • So many added goodies to get you started.
  • Durable, deep plastic base for plenty of comfortable bedding and easy cleaning.
  • No small parts to endanger kids or pets.
  • The perfect first cage for new rabbit owners.


  • Too small for a lot of bunnies, this is best used as a starter cage or for dwarf buns.
  • No roof panel for access.

6. PawHut Metal Wire Cage with Wheels


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The Pawhut cage is an impressive structure. You’ll need quite a lot of space to accommodate it, but the benefits are worth it if you have the room. The rolling wheels are a nice touch for transport.

Lots Of Room

The biggest upside to choosing this cage is the height it offers. Ideally, rabbits should be able to fully stand up in their cage – at 26” tall this ticks that box easily. It’s also great for hanging toys from the ceiling.

Well Constructed

An advantage of this cage is that the front door opens out level with the floor, so bunnies can easily get in and out. The plastic base sits underneath the mesh flooring to allow easy cleaning.


  • Excellent height for a comfortable range of movement.
  • The wheels make it easy to maneuver if you need to clean around it.
  • The plastic basin is below a mesh floor, keeping your bun clean and dry.
  • Elevated level for the food bowl.
  • Great structure to hang toys from.


  • Fiddly to remove base for cleaning.
  • Difficult to assemble – especially in a small space.

7. Kennel Aire A Frame Bunny House


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The Kennel-Aire A-Frame is a combination of the PawHut and the Midwest Folding. It has the benefit of rolling wheels and the easy-slide plastic floor for the best of both worlds.

Style And Substance

This is the nicer-looking of our full mesh cages. Built to resemble a traditional dog kennel; it has a large stylized arch front door and a large roof door for better access. The convenient plastic slideout floor makes cleanup a breeze.

Health Benefits

As mentioned, the mesh floor is actually quite beneficial to the health of your bunny’s skin and feet, as it saves them from laying or stepping in their own waste. If you put carpet down make sure you clean it daily.


  • Very good height for hanging toys and allowing a full stretch.
  • Cute, vintage design.
  • Two large doors and well-ventilated wire spacing.
  • Easy-clean floor.
  • Wheels for mobility.


  • No protection for the outside from spray and mess.
  • Too narrow for bigger buns.

8. Kaytee Rabbit Kit


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Kaytee has its own new-owner starter pack with this kit. All the essentials are there, with simple assembly to get you set up quickly for pet ownership. 


Like the Ware kit, you receive food, bedding, water bottle, and food bowl, but not the treats or the hay that Ware offers. Kaytee is a popular brand for food and bedding, however, so it may be worth getting your bun used to the product.

Simple Clean

The scatter less base keeps all the mess together so you don’t have to deal with pee on the carpets! It’s deep enough to provide comfortable bedding with enough room to leave the lip exposed to stop leakage.


  • You get almost everything you need to set up and go.
  • Easy assembly with just two outer clamps to hold in place.
  • Very nice price for first-time owners looking to get started.
  • Well-spaced bars for ventilation.
  • Keep for a litterbox if your rabbit grows out of it.


  • Too small for a full-grown medium or large breed.
  • Larger size unavailable, but keep an eye on it coming back.

9. Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Home


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The Prevue cage has the deepest base of the lot. You can easily pack this one with as much bedding as your bun needs, or add a litter tray without affecting space.

Good Access Points

The doors on the front and top of the cage are large enough to be able to clean out the cage easily. All rabbit owners will have felt the pain of reaching into an inaccessible corner!


The cage is held together with six strong clips. The doors are a classic wire latch which bunnies are unable to shift. This will keep them in and everyone else out!


  • Good ramp and elevated platform.
  • A large private area under the platform.
  • 6 ¼” tub to house your bun comfortably.
  • Secure latches and clips.
  • Wire handles for handy carrying.


  • Pricey for the size.
  • Better used as a starter cage or for smaller buns.

10. Kaytee My First Home Deluxe Giant


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When Kaytee claims this cage is a giant, they are not lying! The largest cage they manufacture is plenty big enough for any rabbit to live in luxury, or even two smaller breeds (provided they get along!)

Plenty Of Space

With eight square feet of floor space, plus a large platform to relax on, your bunny will feel like royalty in this habitat. The privacy space under the shelf is great for two rabbits that need alone time.

Sturdy And Portable

The wheels make it easy to move for such a large item. The build quality means that this beast will be providing a safe home for your buns for as long as you need it!


  • Wheels for transportation.
  • Loads of floor space.
  • Huge roof door – easy to clean.
  • Classic chew-proof wire latch.
  • Assembles with minimal fuss for such a large unit.


  • No extras like bowl or bottle.
  • The ramp is a little flimsy for bigger buns.

Our Conclusion

Whatever you look for in a cage: style, size, features, convenience, can all be found here. Once you’ve picked the right one for you fill it with some comfy, natural bedding and be sure to clean it regularly. Always check that your bunny can do at least three full hops and can stand up fully before buying them a new cage, especially if they spend a lot of time in there.