Best Rabbit Bedding

You wouldn’t sleep on a metal floor, would you? How about in a cold plastic basin? No? I wouldn’t either, and I apply the same courtesy to my three rabbits. Before we get into the products: don’t be afraid to mix up materials and try different things in your rabbit’s habitat. Some bunnies will prefer paper for litter and straw for bedding, for example, so there may be more than one solution to the perfect environment. No one knows your pet as well as you do, after all!

While they do keep warm very well; if a rabbit has improper bedding – or worse, no bedding at all – you will be running the risk of hitting some serious issues in their mental and physical state down the road. So, to avoid such an outcome, I offer you the ten best rabbit beddings available in 2020.

10 Best Rabbit Bedding in 2020

1. Back 2 Nature Small Animal


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As the name suggests, Back 2 Nature uses 99% recycled paper in their bedding. With no added pesticides or chemicals, it’s the safest and best type of bedding on the market right now. 

Friend To The Environment

As noted above, this bedding has no added chemicals. In addition, it is economically biodegradable and almost entirely dust-free, meaning it is a friend to the environment, your rabbit, their house, and yours!

Mess Eliminator

With odor control and a high absorption Back 2 Nature is perfect for multiple rabbits. The range comes in 10, 20 and 30L bags to suit your needs and the dust-free bedding is brilliant to keep unwanted particles from being inhaled (by you or your pets).


  • All-natural with no dust or chemicals to cause harm in your home.
  • Environmentally friendly and non-irritating.
  • Customize your shipment to last you months depending on the size of the bedding area.
  • Highly absorbent to keep your hutch or cage hygienic (and add to time between shipments).
  • Easier to clean than most other types of bedding.


  • A little uncomfortable for some buns – but makes great litter if they don’t like to lay on it!
  • Can move around more than other types of bedding, leaving the cage/hutch floor exposed.

2. Carefresh Small Pet


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This offering from Carefresh comes about as fresh as the name suggests. It boasts some very similar advantages to the Back 2 Nature bedding, as well as a huge range of sizes. It’s great for litter, bedding and a nice nest for any babies on the way!

Freshness Built In

Carefresh claims that their bedding provides 10-day odor control. Coupled with their ‘comfy fluff’ bedding’s natural softness your bunny will be snug and fresh for days at a time.

Natural’s The Word

I’ve mentioned the word natural already, and a cursory look through the product description shows how much stock Carefresh put into having a natural product that’s good for animals. The bedding is made from reclaimed natural paper fiber.


  • Customize your bunny’s style with various colors, including confetti-style!
  • Superior odor control – up to 10 days.
  • Amazing nesting material for baby buns.
  • Low dust content and easy to clean.
  • Seven delivery sizes to choose from – including a four-pack of 14L bags.


  • While the odor control is good, the unscented nature may be unsuitable for indoor rabbits.
  • Occasional quality control mishaps with dirt getting in.

3. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control


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Kaytee is in and around every top list of small pet products, and with rabbit bedding they are right up there too. They’re so confident in their odor control that they offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t meet the standards they set.

Two Weeks Fresh

Kaytee claims a mammoth 14-day odor control on this bedding. Only having to change the litter every two weeks is a great bonus for any rabbit owner. If it doesn’t provide the level they claim, you’re entitled to your money back!

Encourages Comfort

Rabbits like to burrow and nestle in where they can keep warm. This bedding encourages them to burrow in deep and stay comfortable while you tend to their every need!


  • It absorbs up to 6x it’s weight in liquid.
  • Great nesting material for bunnies.
  • 99% dust-free.
  • Keeps your pet clean, dry, and healthy.
  • Natural and safe to use around kids and animals alike.


  • The packaging is very large so it needs good storage.
  • Very strong scent may overpower your room if the cage is indoors.

4. Sunseed Fresh World Original


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Sunseed’s unbleached and basic formula for bedding includes baking soda to make it even better with odor control. It uses recycled paper for bedding with no unnecessary ingredients.

Inventive Formula

The baking soda in the bedding really makes a difference when it comes to odor control. It’s perfectly safe, too, with no bleach or nasty chemicals going into making it.

Enjoyed By All

The verdict from human and bunny alike seems to be this: it’s easy to clean, smells good, is comfortable for the bunny and lasts 10-14 days before changing. Even multiple rabbits using the same litter are kept dry and fresh for over a week.


  • So easy to clean up!
  • A good length of odor control and unscented for use indoors.
  • 3x absorption for use as litter.
  • Recycled paper is kind to the environment as well as your pet.
  • Excellent value for money and storage with compressed packaging.


  • A bit rougher than other brands.
  • Occasionally ships with plastic and metal inside from manufacturer – screen the bag before use.

5. Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper


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Small Pet Select’s paper bedding is not only beautifully white for a clean look, but it’s also well-sourced and non-toxic for the perfect blend of function and style.

Quality Control

The formula of this bedding is simple. 100% natural, no dyes, additives or residues as it is made from non-recycled paper specifically used for your rabbit’s bed. The unbleached virgin fibers are kinder to your fluffy friend.

Superior Comfort

This bedding is one of the softest available due to the purity of the paper fibers. This also makes it almost completely dust-free, so no worries about any sensitive noses or allergies in the house.


  • Excellent absorbency.
  • Messy areas show up on the white paper, making it easier to clean.
  • Low dust content for happy noses.
  • Sludge and additive-free for the most natural composition.
  • Contents expand to three times the package size so it’s easy to store.


  • Low odor control meaning more changes. You can mix with baking soda if it’s to be used for litter.
  • Finer than other paper bedding so may cause more sticking.

6. So Phresh Natural Softwood


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The first non-paper entry comes from So Phresh. Their blend of softwoods creates a pleasant natural scent and a bit more sturdiness to the product. It also comes in an 8.1L version which is very cheap and handy for a test run.

Bring Nature Home

The combination of spruce, fir, and pine creates a great environment in your bun’s habitat. It also helps to control odors and absorbs well.

Extra Life

Once you’re done with the old bedding you can actually reuse it as compost. The biodegradable nature of the wood means it can be repurposed after your rabbits are finished with it.


  • Non-scented – only the faint natural smell of the woods.
  • Biodegradable bedding can be used as a compost once you’ve changed it.
  • A natural blend of the best softwood shavings.
  • Soft and lower dust than other shavings for maximum bunny comfort.
  • Minimal odor is given off due to great absorption.


  • Harsher on the skin than paper-based efforts.
  • More natural dust than paper bedding.

7. Vitakraft Prestige 82501 Hemp


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A brilliant alternative to shavings and paper, Vitakraft’s hemp-based bedding is a little more expensive but worth the money to try it out for yourself. Perfect to combine with other bedding for variation.

Unique Material

Not a lot of rabbit bedding is made from hemp, and so this offers some unique advantages. As a material, it is softer for your bunny, and you’ll find a significant decrease in odor through a combination of absorption and natural scent.

Ideal For Indoors

With a heavier composition, odor control, and no spreading dust, this hemp bedding is great for indoor hutches or cages. No more running the vacuum cleaner every time you change the litter!


  • The most suitable material for small animal bedding.
  • Home-friendly – it stays in the habitat, not on your carpet!
  • Pleasant on the nose and skin of your rabbit.
  • Natural material with nothing added.
  • Doesn’t cling to the feet or body of buns.


  • More expensive than other materials.
  • Smaller quantities mean inefficient storage of multiple bags.

8. Pettex Barley Straw Natural


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Farm-fresh straight from the countryside. Pettex’s Barley Straw is as simple and natural as the name suggests. Because of its simplicity, it is suitable for a range of animals, your rabbit included.

What You See Is What You Get

The great thing about such a basic product is that there are no nasty surprises. It’s clean, dust-extracted, barley straw. A favorite of rabbits everywhere, it does the job without anything needing to be added or altered. Healthy, natural, hygienic.

Fresh Scent

Coming from the countryside freshly packed, this bedding gives off a lovely natural scent. The freedom and nature of the country brought to your home. It’s a great nesting bedding that bunnies love to burrow into. Your rabbits will thank you!


  • Good straw length to encourage burrowing.
  • Welcome the pleasant scent of nature into your home. 
  • No-frills formula is exactly what you get. 
  • The natural makeup is healthy for bunny and human. 
  • Dust-extracted minimal intrusion on bunny noses.


  • Absorption is not as good as other materials.
  • Small packaging, you’ll need to bulk-buy to save on shipping.

9. Safebed Paper Wool Petlife


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A lovely option for comfortable bedding, complete with a great, appealing brand design. Safebed’s Paper Wool bedding provides warmth, comfort, and neat customization to a habitat while offering a safe, non-toxic environment for buns to relax in.

Comfort Is Key

The strands in Safebed’s bedding are kept long so you can customize the length yourself rather than make do with small strands that aren’t as popular with rabbits for nesting in. The natural bedding material hasn’t been messed with either, so rabbits will have no problem getting comfy.

Enrich Their Environment

Bunnies love to have something to do while they’re in their hutch. Try throwing a pile of this bedding in for them as watch as they get to redecorating as they see fit. Rabbits are fussy things, but with this they can perfect their environment (and you don’t have to).


  • Fun for the bunnies to burrow and nest in.
  • Natural, non-toxic material keeps them safe.
  • Effective waste absorption and ammonia eliminator.
  • A nice warm alternative to blankets or straw which rabbits tend to chew up.
  • Amazing value for money.


  • Needs changed often as it will start to smell.
  • It can be a pain to sort out the strands if you want to cut them down.

10. Snowflake Barley Straw Natural


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Snowflake’s Barley Straw is another great basic straw bedding that fits what it says with no hidden shocks. Fantastic scent and material you can trust are part of this product’s appeal. 

Cozy Home

The best thing you can say about rabbit bedding is that your pet takes to it straight away. With this straw product, you can guarantee your bunny will take to nesting straight away.

Consistent Product

With the manufacturing process as simple as it is, this bedding doesn’t suffer as much from the unwanted plastics and metals you can sometimes find in other bedding materials. Snowflake has cut down on the extras to provide only the essentials.


  • Trust in the process as you can believe in this bedding.
  • Good dust extraction – very little mess out of the bag.
  • Fantastic nesting bedding to keep your buns cozy in winter months.
  • Nicely compacted into the packaging.
  • Goes down well with the rabbits themselves!


  • Shorter strands so not ideal for burrowers.
  • You might need a different product for litter as it can start to smell quickly.

Our Conclusion

Whatever bedding you choose for your rabbit, make sure you change it regularly. A clean home is as important to your bunny’s health as a balanced diet and fresh water. Get comfortable, absorbent bedding that protects your pet from any discomfort or unwanted elements like stones or manmade items from sneaking in. A comfy bun is a happy bun!