Best Hamster Toys

Our small pets need just as much attention and mental stimulation than our free-roaming animals like dogs and cats – possibly even more so, due to the fact that our smaller friends spend a lot of their time in hutches or cages. Hamsters are often simply left to their own devices until the time comes to feed them and clean out their home, but there are a lot of great toys out there that provide your little fluffs with hours of playtime, keeping their mind active, healthy, and happy!

Because hamsters are so much smaller than most common pets, there are some considerations and requirements you should look for when shopping for the right toys. We are going to look at some of the best examples of stimulating hamster toys that are fun to play with and, often, a good way to keep your hamster healthy.

10 Best Hamster Toys in 2020

1. Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

best hamster toys - Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel for Small Pets

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Ah, the hamster wheel. An amazing source of exercise for your pet teamed with the best source of hilarious entertainment for the whole family. This Ware saucer is easy on the eyes and kinder to your hamster with its less sheer angle.

Top Fitness

There is no hamster toy out there that offers quite as much interactivity as the wheel. It provides your hamster with unlimited running potential, meaning they can exercise away and run much farther than the limits of their cage.

A Quiet Wheel

It is important for your hamster to get their exercise each day, but the rattling and rumbling of traditional wheels can grind on you. The solid running surface combined with the lower angle means that this saucer is quiet as a mouse… or hamster!


  • Solid running surface.
  • Unlimited exercise.
  • Keeps your hamster entertained for hours.
  • Quieter than most – if not all – traditional wheels.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A bit small for larger hamsters.
  • Lightweight – use under supervision.

2. JanYoo Chew Toys Pack

best hamster toys - JanYoo Rat Chinchilla Toys Guinea Pig Accessories Bunny Chew Toys for Bird Rabbits Hamster Gerbil Pack of 7

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Variety can be the spice of life for your hamster with this fantastic set of chew toys from JanYoo. They are non-toxic, totally safe, and will keep your hamster entertained for ages with the range of different shapes and sizes to nibble on.

Lots To Choose From

You get an excellent range of products for one affordable price. Either throw them all in and let your little furball pick out their favorites or spread them out and get more life out of this one purchase. 

Healthy Teeth

The chemical-free wood and range of flavors will give your hamster a solid toy to work down their teeth. They will keep the more enthusiastic chewers from gnawing their cage bars, which can cause crooked teeth and trouble eating down the line.


  • So much to choose from.
  • Two purchase options for exercise and play.
  • Long-lasting materials.
  • Value for money.
  • No chemical additions.


  • Some shipments have too much glue on the product.
  • Fragile assembly – but individual pieces are still good for chewing.

3. Hamiledyi Chew Toy Lava Teeth

best hamster toys - Hamiledyi Hamster Chew Toy Lava Teeth Grinding Square Stone

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A perfect blend of mental stimulation and mouth health. These grinding squares are made to be gnawed on, are small enough for your hamster to get their teeth around, and provide an endless chewing challenge for your pet.

Kind On Teeth And Gums

The simple cube design is a naturally enticing shape for your hamster to get a good grip on and just go to town! The entirely natural makeup of the stone promotes a clean and trim set of teeth and gums. Well worth the price.

Soft Yet Durable

Another reason that these stones help with healthy teeth is due to their relative softness compared to other examples of a similar product. They are kind on teeth while still being a solid and dependable toy that will last past their value.


  • Ten per pack – excellent value.
  • Healthy and natural teeth cleaning.
  • Good shape for interaction and mental stimulation.
  • Safe chewing with no added parts.
  • Glue and chemical-free.


  • Can take your pet some getting used to at first.
  • Don’t last as long as harder stones.

4. EcoTrition Snak Shak Edible Hideaway

best hamster toys - eCOTRITION Snak Shak Edible Hideaway

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This is a fun, multi-use, 100% edible toy that your hamster will have so much fun deciding what to do with. It can provide a nice shady space to hide away and relax, or turn into a giant snack when your furball gets the nibbles.

Twice The Fun

Having a toy that doubles as a hideaway is a brilliant move on eCOTRITION’s part. Hamsters need a place to go that they can feel safe and hidden away. They also love a nibble, and this toy brings you the best of both worlds.

Rock-Solid Stability

Long-lasting toys can be difficult to find for pets that are chew-happy. Particularly with rabbits, hamsters, and other rodents who need to be constantly chewing to keep their teeth down, this toy will stand the test of time.


  • Gives a good hiding spot.
  • Durable and hard-wearing.
  • A nice texture to aid healthy teeth.
  • Good for physical exercise.
  • Fun for multiple hamsters to play in together.


  • Elements of pine will be spat out and littered.
  • Not the tastiest flavor.

5. Bwogue Small Animal Hideout

best hamster toys - BWOGUE Pet Small Animal Hideout Hamster House

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This adorable hamster house is the perfect toy for playtime while also being a great place to nest in and relax. Your hamster may choose to munch away on it until it’s gone or make themselves their own little den, depending on their temperament.

Simple Assembly

These types of toys can be a nightmare to put together. That is certainly not the case here, with the item delivered ready to go! The plastic roof offers good security as it is not attractive to chew on, making this a ready-to-go must-have.

Home From Home

Having the extra level to this hideout gives your hamster a sense of safety while they eat or relax in the secluded upstairs area. It is the perfect size to offer enough space to stash treats and food while offering good room to nest.


  • Two levels of fun.
  • Safe space for your pet.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Well built with safe materials.
  • Great for playtime.


  • Rough edges might need to be sanded before use.
  • If it becomes a nest it is hard to clean.

6. Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

best hamster toys - Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

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Hamsters, like most small mammals, love a tunnel as it offers them somewhere to play, hide, and interact in peace. With a customizable length from 10-39 inches, this tunnel can suit any size of cage and is great for multiple pets.

Keep Them Active

This toy satisfies your hamster’s natural instinct to tunnel and nestle without damaging their cage – and their teeth or feet – and encourages them to get plenty of exercise during the day. Two or more hamsters can bond and play with plenty of space.

Fit To Their Home

One great thing about the compressed tubing is that it can be expanded, contracted, and shaped to suit your hamster’s environment. The plastic is quite stiff, making it a little harder to configure, but assuring that it maintains the shape you want.


  • Made from stain-resistant plastic.
  • Perfect for exercise.
  • Mental stimulation, particularly for two or more hamsters.
  • Customizable size and shape.
  • Good hiding spot.


  • Chewers can rip it up in time.
  • Hard to clean any mess on the inside.

7. ZalaLova Chew Toy Pack

best hamster toys - ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys, 10Pack

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As we’ve already seen, buying multipacks of different toys can be amazing for your hamster’s development and interaction – and is kind on your wallet, too! This pack of ten comes with chewing and climbing toys for variety.

Keeping Fit

The ladder, seesaw, and swing in this pack are brilliant for promoting a sense of positive mental wellbeing in your pet. They can run, climb, and bounce around to their heart’s content with some new and interesting levels to their playtime.

Hold Their Interest

The sheer number of toys you get means that keeping your hamster engaged and interested in exercise and playtime will last far longer than most single toys ever would. You should introduce a couple of toys at a time and rotate to get the best interactions.


  • Adds a nice look to cages.
  • Plenty of playtime choice.
  • Your hamster will get good exercise.
  • Natural and comfortable chewing material.
  • Promotes healthy teeth.


  • The bells are a danger if your hamster chews through to them.
  • Pinewood is not to be ingested in large amounts.

8. Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout

best hamster toys - Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Hideout

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Do you want to provide your hamster(s) with a fantastic hideaway home for a phenomenal price, sold to you by one of the top names in pet supplies? This is the product for you! Kaytee is a well-renowned brand with knowledge and passion for pets.

No Drama

This toy is as simple as taking it from the packaging and placing it in your hamster cage. It is one piece of material which is destruction-proof and spacious to form a key part of your hamster’s living environment.

Solid Play Piece

With plenty of room for hamsters to run, hide, and play inside, this hideout is more than just a good nesting place for your furry friends. Having said that, it works equally well as somewhere to set up a lovely nest.


  • Great for multiple hamsters to play in.
  • An excellent hideout for burrowers and nesters.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • High-quality brand reputation.
  • Durable material to last.


  • It doesn’t provide substance for chewing.
  • Avoid the small size – it is too small for hamsters, despite the recommendations.

9. Winomo Pet Hammock Hanging Toy

best hamster toys - WINOMO Pet Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy

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Your hamster can lord it over their cage in a soft and snuggly hanging hammock from Winomo. Getting in and out to swing and chill provides a good source of exercise while the height and softness create a nice safe space to snuggle down in.

Bigger Than You’d Think

Even after looking at the advertised images for this product, the size of the item itself is something to behold. Your hamster will absolutely adore this toy whether you hang it from their cage or let them nest in it on the ground.

Cozy Softness

Smaller pets are quite used to nestling down into a soft paper bedding or grass hay, but this toy takes relaxation to the next level. The supple, well-formed material keeps your pet comfortable and warm even when hung.


  • Extra soft for a great nest.
  • Fantastic size.
  • Easy to clip to a cage.
  • It provides a good vantage point.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Gets messy and frayed when left on the floor.
  • The material doesn’t hold up great with chewers.

10. Kudes Hamster Banana Hammock

best hamster toys - KUDES Hamster Hammock

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This might be the most fun you can have just by looking at a toy. The banana aesthetic is more for you than your pet, but this toy offers a brilliant snuggly hammock to relax in. this is certainly one for the social media age.

Stylish Sleep

Your hamster will be the coolest and cutest pet relaxing in this fantastic design. The fleece lining gives them plenty of warmth and a feeling of cozy security, which in turn looks after their mental state and increases their energy.

Perfect Winter Nesting

When winter rolls around life can get a little difficult for domesticated small animals, as their cage is not built for burrowing deep into to stay warm. No worries here, as they can use their own body heat to stay toasty nestled inside the hammock.


  • It’s a banana!
  • Warm for winter.
  • Deep burrowing and security.
  • Promotes a healthy mind and good snooze.
  • Beloved and approved by small pets.


  • Not the best stain proofing.
  • Chains need to be checked before use for any looseness.

Our Conclusion

Always make sure that the product you are buying is as natural as possible. Check for any suspect smells when opening the packaging, and look for any loose, sharp, or splintery edges that you may need to trim down before giving to your hamster. Sometimes the manufacturing process can leave certain imperfections, and it’s crucial to spot these before going ahead.

Hamsters are curious (and adorable) pets to keep. They have an inquisitive mind that can slow down and become lethargic if not properly stimulated. So while you’re looking for a new chew toy for your dog or a scratching post for a kitty, don’t forget the little guy who spends most of their time in a cage. Keep them entertained, because there’s nothing quite as adorable as watching a hamster figure out their new swing, or take their first spin on a wheel!