Best Dog Sweaters

Oh darling, doggy sweaters are at the height of fashion these days, don’t you know, and many dog owners won’t even consider leaving the house without their precious pooch looking like they have just stepped out of the cover page of Vogue magazine. They are a great accessory for your dog to show off their unique style and get down with all the latest cool doggy trends. On a more practical note, dog sweaters are an absolute must-have for smaller sized pooches and those with short or fine hair, particularly throughout the winter months.

Some breeds find it difficult to keep themselves insulated well enough when the cold weather kicks in and need some extra protection from the elements. A sweater can make such a significant difference when the temperature drops, helping your dog to retain much-needed body heat, whether out for a walk or having a snooze around the house. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love being warm and cozy? Your dog’s wellbeing is vitally important and after reading this you may now be considering having a little doggy sweater shopping spree for your canine friend. And boy, do we have a treat for you!

Check out these top 10 best doggy sweaters below. We couldn’t believe how cool some of these are!

10 Best Dog Sweaters in 2020

1. Scheppend Original Adidog

best dog sweaters - Scheppend Original Adidog

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I’m not sure I even have the words to say about our top 10 spot and then I realized that I’m only at the beginning of the guide and should probably continue! How cool is this dog sweater? Unless you have been living under a rock, like forever, you will definitely be familiar with the Adidas sports brand. This dog sweater is an all so quirky spin-off of the brand that will have your pooch looking like they are ready to run their first doggy marathon.

Multiple Options

The Scheppend Original Adidog has taken dog sweaters to a new level in the form of a doggy tracksuit. A massive choice of colors are available to suit any taste and a whopping 13 different sizes available, making this product ideal for any breed. With iconic recognizable branding and made with premium materials, this durable doggy sweater definitely does take some beating.

Easy Fit

Although the Adidog is a bit more substantial than most of the other dog sweaters on our list, being in tracksuit form and all, we love that it has been designed with an easy fit in mind. Button closures at the front of the sweater make this super easy to slip on and slip off your pooch, making for a really comfortable, secure fit.


  • Stylish and a timeless classic with recognizable branding.
  • Easy to put on and take off for effortless fitting.
  • A great value for money product.


  • Hand wash only which isn’t super convenient.

2. Gooby

best dog sweaters - Gooby Stretch Fleece

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The Gooby sweater is a fantastic option to ensure your doggo stays warm throughout the winter months. Made from a fleece material that is 100% polyester, that works to keep the moisture out such as freezing rain and snow, we just know that out of the 17 colors available there is something to suit every doggy taste.

Leash Ring

We love the leash ring attachment on the back of the harness and think this is a great additional feature. The leash ring conveniently allows you to take your doggo out for walks without the need to fit a harness in addition to the sweater, keeping your dog much more comfortable. Attach your regular leash to the ring and away you go. Simple!

Easy to Clean

Nothing makes us happier than an item that can be safely put into the washing machine without the need of having to stand there washing by hand like something from the early 18th century! It’s inevitable that dog sweaters will need regular washing and an easy-clean option like this is much more appealing.


  • Leash ring attachment to avoid the need for harnesses on walks.
  • Machine washable for convenience and time-saving.
  • 17 fantastic colors to choose from to suit any taste.


  • Lease ring function not recommended to use if your dog pulls.

3. Fashion Focus On

best dog sweaters - Fashion Focus On

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Fashion Focus On dog sweater is becoming a really popular buy and the reviews by dog owners around the world can certainly attest to this. With 5 different sizing options available and 10 cute pastel colors to ponder over, we feel like this is a very good buy, at a cost that certainly won’t break the bank.

Great for smaller dogs

Designed specifically for pups and smaller breeds of dogs, your Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Bichon Frise will have a close, comfy fit ensuring they stay warm, happy, and healthy. There’s nothing more unstylish than a pooch drowning in an oversized sweater!

Soft Cotton

Made with a soft cotton blend, that is ideal to keep your pooch comfortable and avoid any unnecessary irritants. We love how gentle this sweater feels and with its lightweight material you have comfort in knowing that your dog will not overheat during those active walks in the park.


  • A great option for smaller dogs as sizing comes up small.
  • Made with cotton to provide soft and gentle feel.
  • Lightweight, so will not allow your dog to overheat, but will still keep them sufficiently warm.


  • Sizing does come up very small so we would go with one size bigger than your initial thought.

4. Pawz Road

best dog sweaters - PAWZ Road

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The ultimate lumberjack sweatshirt! If your doggo is looking for a hip design and a cool choice of colors, this is a great choice of sweatshirt for them to show off to all their friends with. A cute plaid design, that comes in 6 different sizes and an inner layer for protection against the elements provides added warmth. The Pawz Road is a real head turner!

Detachable Hood

Like with any human hoodie the Pawz Road comes with a hood that is fully detachable, making this a very versatile sweatshirt. Keep the hood up for those much colder days and nights or allow your pooch to be free and completely remove the hood for comfort, which prevents it from flapping around in the wind.


We love a product that has additional features to the norm and the Pawz Road doesn’t disappoint us one bit. The sweater provides a discrete velcro pocket that is absolutely ideal for storing dog treats and toys of the smaller variety. We don’t find this feature on many other products so we applaud the Pawz Road for thinking outside the box and providing added convenience.


  • Detachable hood for versatility.
  • The small pocket that can be used to store treats.
  • Inner lining for ultimate protection and warmth.


  • The pocket doesn’t close fully so you may want to be mindful of overloading it with too many items.

5. Chilly Dog

best dog sweaters - Chilly Dog

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This is quite possibly one of the cutest dog sweaters we’ve seen in a while. Made by a U.S retail store in downtown Philadelphia, Chilly Dog has designed their sweaters with the perfect fit in mind. They are quite possibly one of the warmest sweaters on the market right now and we can’t help, but think they truly are the real deal.

Fair Trade

We just can’t get enough of an ethically sourced product. Made with 100% wool and hand-knitted by artisan knitters, this fair trade sweater is produced by knitters in healthy workplaces, which enables them to support a better lifestyle in their small villages by being paid a fair living wage. We believe the world would be a much better place if all companies followed these guidelines.

Sizes for all

The great thing about the Chilly Dog Boyfriend sweater is, it caters for all sizes of dog’s, with 8 different sizes to choose from it doesn’t matter whether you are buying for a puppy or a Great Dane you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. Made with 100% wool, there is also an element of stretch to the sweater which provides a much better, snug fit for your pooch.


  • Ethically sourced for a more humane world.
  • One of the warmest sweaters on the market, made with 100% wool.
  • Probably one of the cutest designs of the bunch.


  • Hand wash or dry clean only, so not so convenient as some other brands.
  • Some dogs are allergic to wool.

6. Kurgo

best dog sweaters - kurgo sweater

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Kurgo is a very well-known brand and for this reason instills instant trust into its buyers. The Kurgo fleece sweater presents a fresh, sporty look and an athletic cut for all those active doggos that are ready for those long walks and hikes. A sturdy looking sweater, with a multitude of sizes available and made from high quality, durable materials.

Fleece lined

The Kurgo sweater has been made with durability and warmth in mind. With 10oz of quality fleece and fully lined, your pooch will have never been so cozy and toasty. At the bottom of the fleece lining, you will find a belly closure which aids in minimizing the build-up of dog hair, making this a super practical option.

Zipper Openings

Zips, zips, and more zips! In fact this sweater has so many zips we don’t know what to do with them all! A 2-way zipper at the top of the sweater is ideal for those dogs that still need to wear a harness when out on walks making it really easy to combine the two. Another zipper is also provided at the neck area which is great for adjusting and getting that all-important snug fit.


  • Fleece-lined for maximum comfort and warmth.
  • Multiple zips options for combining with harnesses and adjusting size.
  • An attractive, sporty-looking sweater that is appealing to the eye.


  • We couldn’t seem to find any.

7. Blueberry Sweater

Best Dog Sweaters-Blueberry

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The Blueberry sweater is a timeless classic, designed with a crew neck and cable knit, you’ll think this is one of your own sweaters ready to wear. The breathable interlocking knit and odor resistant properties make this sweater a grand choice for any doggy parent.

Quality Materials

We can’t get enough of the look and feel of this sweater and it absolutely screams quality. Made with interlocking wool blended into yarn, the soft and smooth texture will be most comforting to your canine friend. The material also doesn’t curl with movement, creating a nice, well-fitted look.

Leash Hole

This is always a very handy feature to any dog sweater and I can’t believe more of them don’t have this. Harnesses will almost always need to be worn underneath when out on walks and the Blueberry offers a convenient hole at the top of the sweater which exposes the harness ring, meaning you can easily attach your leash.


  • Quality interlocking wool for the height of comfort.
  • Leash hole for easy leash connection.
  • No material curling for a quality, stylish, well-fitting look.


  • Some stretching expected due to the type of material.

8. Expawlorer

best dog sweaters - EXPAWLORER Fleece

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The Expawlorer is a basic design with various colors and sizing options and great value for money, making it accessible to all. Made from 100% polyester fleece and ideal for puppies, in particular, we can’t see where you can go wrong with this doggy sweater.

Pups only

After reviewing the sizing carefully we have decided that this is a great option for puppies and very small dogs, but wouldn’t be suitable for any bigger breeds. The over the head design works very well for pups and keeps them super warm and cozy.

Ideal for spring and autumn

This is a great middle of the road sweater. It isn’t too thick that it will make your dog overheat during the hotter months but equally isn’t too thin and flimsy that you doggo won’t be able to stay warm and cozy during the colder months. We like to think this sweater covers the middle ground.


  • Middleweight sweater. Not too thick and not too thin.
  • Handy pocket to carry small items for convenience.
  • D Ring attachment that you can attach your leash to directly which is super handy.


  • It is an over the head sweater. No straps, velcro, buttons, or anything else to help you get your dog in or out easily.

9. Baja Ponchos

best dog sweaters - baja ponchos

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Hola amigos! Yep, the one you have all been waiting for, the Baja Ponchos handmade sweater or should we say ‘la frazada’. Just when you thought we’d started running out of, the best of the best, we bring you this little gem. It’s enough to make you want to pack up your belongings and head on a summer holiday with your pooch.

One of a kind

The Baja Ponchos handmade sweaters are certainly unique and one that will get all your doggy neighbours heads turning. With vibrant bright colours and a touch of Mexican flavour, your pooch will want one for every occasion. We think these are ideal for the slightly warmer months and will prevent your doggo from overheating whilst still keeping them warm when the temperature drops.


Baja Ponchos are so proud and confident in their product that has provided a quality guarantee to all of their customers. If you’re not completely 100% satisfied with your purchase they will provide your money back which gives customers plenty of peace of mind when making a purchase. We think this is a very rare scenario, how can you not love this sweater?


  • Unique design, that will get heads turning.
  • Handwoven, serape material, made in Mexico for authenticity.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, which we doubt very much.


  • Very lightweight and may not be suitable for much colder weather.

10. Kyeese Fashion

best dog sweaters - kyeese Fashion Dog

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If you are looking to treat your little princess pooch, this sweater would be the perfect gift. We say princess, but here at Your Pets Need we don’t discriminate and if your little prince would like this, we think it would be a great addition to his wardrobe too. We feel the Kyseese Fashion sweater is very worthy of our top 10 spot and consider this doggy fashion at its best!

Ruffle Hemline

This little offering is almost like a dress and we can’t get over the cutesy design. With a ruffled hemline at the back, the sweater has been geared towards an elegant ballet dancer look, which we think is very unique and nothing like any other sweaters on our top 10 list.

Great Design

This basic, sleeveless, snowflake design provides much-needed comfort, giving your dog all the freedom to move around and be themselves. Comfort is always the first priority for your dog, with convenience being a close second. The Kyeese provides a handy leash hole at the top of the sweater making going for walks a breeze.


  • Elegant, sleeveless, ballerina design with ruffle hemline – cute and stylish.
  • Keyhole for leash attachment which is easy for walkies.
  • Machine washable on a cold setting and also tumble dryer safe which is super convenient.


  • There are only 2 designs/colors available and this may not be everybody’s taste.

Our Conclusion

With such a great selection of dog sweaters available on the market, even with the best 10 we reviewed, it’s still so hard to choose and you can’t help, but want to buy them all! It is important you get the right sweater for your dog to ensure they stay happy, healthy, and warm. Why not go for multiple options if you can’t choose? Your pooch could have a different sweater for every day of the week and be the envy of the whole town!

Happy Sweater wearing!