Best Dog Jackets For Winter

When the weather gets chilly, even the fluffiest of dogs need a little extra protection from the elements. Your pup gives you the perfect excuse to get out of the house and get some exercise during the winter months, but it’s crucial to wrap them up warm, just as you would throw on some extra layers yourself. Depending on the breed, these jackets may even serve you from the fall season into early spring, as many dogs (short-haired particularly, for obvious reasons) struggle to stay warm when the weather closes in and the wind picks up.

Dog jacket shopping is about more than just finding the thickest, most padded jacket you can find, as you will see. We are going to look at ten dog jackets that provide all the warmth and comfort that your pup needs to have an exciting cold-weather walk without coming home with the sniffles. This list will range from the vintage look and material to more style-oriented lines that still offer the same performance you need.

10 Best Dog Jackets For Winter in 2020

1. Pawz Road Dog Plaid

best winter jackets for dogs - PAWZ Road Dog Plaid Shirt Coat

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This jacket is a top performer across the range of sizes and fits it offers. Putting comfort first with a high level of attention to detail makes this jacket a must-have for the winter season. The check style also makes you and your dog a very fashion-forward pair.

Toasty Comfort

Built from the ground up to be as comfortable and warm as possible, this jacket features a thick fleecy lining and protective check-finished outer that covers your dog’s entire core to keep their internal organs nice and warm.

Chill Protection

The thick fleece lining is not the only point of this jacket that provides superior protection from those cold morning walks. The ribbed cuffs fit perfectly around your pup to keep the wind chill down and make winter walks fun.


  • Stylish check finish.
  • Super warm lining.
  • Ribbed cuffs eliminate wind chill.
  • Solid snap closure for easy wearing.
  • The detachable hat is a nice extra.


  • Sizes run very small – measure accurately!
  • Snap buttons may need restitching after high use.

2. Friends Forever Quilted Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - Friends Forever Small Dogs Sherpa and Quilted Winter Vest:Jackets

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One for the smaller doggies out there! This jacket is a nice combination of style and performance, as it will keep your little one warm while fending off any unwanted winter weather. The fur-lined hood is an adorable touch.

High-quality Durability

It might not appear to be the most long-lasting jacket you’ll ever see, but this jacket has the manufacturing quality and materials to last your dog through plenty of winter seasons. For the price you pay, you won’t believe the quality.


Sizing up dog jackets without having them to hand can be a pain in the neck more often than not. A great benefit to this product is its hook-and-loop straps, which can be adjusted around the chest and sternum for all shapes and sizes of small dogs.


  • Highly adjustable.
  • Amazing quality and durability.
  • Fur-lined hood for extra warmth.
  • Fun, smile-inducing look.
  • Harness hook opening for longer walks.


  • The hood is non-detachable.
  • It comes up short on dogs with long bodies.

3. Migohi Dog Jacket for Winter

best winter jackets for dogs - MIGOHI Dog Jackets for Winter

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A warm winter jacket with a double style advantage: this reversible jacket from Migohi features a huge range of sizes and a fabulous plaid pattern that screams winter style. It will keep the weather out, and your dog happy and snug.


The plain side is best for the worst weather, as it is a more water-resistant material and leaves the softer plaid on the inside to take care of keeping warm. It has adjustable Velcro around the collar and sternum to keep the wind away.

Cozy Comfort

Cotton is a fabulous material. Migohi blends it into its fabric to keep a solid outer layer that provides plenty of comfort to your pup. This jacket is a snug and toasty winter wear that your dog will love having on!


  • Reversibility is functional as well as stylish. 
  • Amazingly soft and cozy. 
  • It offers great weatherproofing. 
  • Cotton blend lightweight fabric. 
  • The thick lining keeps its shape. 


  • The plaid side struggles with water resistance.
  • Large increments in the bigger sizes.

4. Expawlorer Self Warming Down Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - EXPAWLORER Winter Self Warming Dog Down Coat

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Another excellent reversible jacket; the Expawlorer jacket is down-filled for a perfect blend of warmth and lightweight capability. The nylon fastener is hard-wearing, and it comes equipped with reflective tape and a hole for your leash.

Value For Money

Coming in at a very affordable price point, you get more than what you pay for with this jacket. The materials and high-quality stitching are made to last, so you don’t need to worry about investing in a new jacket every year.

Functional Comfort

The materials of the outer layer and lining combine to keep heat in the jacket and around your dog’s core. It is so soft you’ll want one for yourself, and it keeps the rain and snow at bay with great weather-resistant performance.


  • Reflective visibility tape.
  • Super soft.
  • Heat-retention keeps your pup protected.
  • Good water resistance.
  • Amazing value.


  • A small range of sizes.
  • The large fastener tabs are quite stiff.

5. Tellpet Cold Weather Fleece Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - Tellpet Dog Jacket Fleece Dog Cold Weather Coats

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Tellpet’s jacket is a fine fleece that really catches the eye when you see it on your pup for the first time. The various points of adjustment make it an excellent windproof jacket for the colder months of the year.

Safety Features

You can spot your dog easily in the dark with the professional reflective piping on show on this jacket. Keep them secure by attaching the leash to their usual harness with the built-in outlet, which you can then adjust around.

Water And Weatherproof

Say goodbye to drying of shivering, sodden dogs when you get home. This jacket is wind and waterproof, with a high neckline and adjustable waist to keep as much of your dog clean and dry as possible.


  • Good visibility (especially in yellow).
  • Adjustable cords for the neck, and buckle around the waist.
  • Harness/leash outlet.
  • Waterproof and cold resistant.
  • Striking look and all-over coverage.


  • Elastic hind leg bands can cause irritation.
  • The smallest size is still too big for the tiny breeds.

6. ThinkPet Warm Reversible Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat

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Safety and convenience go hand in hand with this ThinkPet reversible jacket. This is a flexible jacket with a clever two-zip harness outlet and keeps the underside of your pup clean and protected from any snow or other debris.

Top Marks For Softness

It’s a high scorer in the comfort category for this jacket. The thick, padded inner layer still offers a full range of movement while keeping your dog snug and content while out on walks. The good coverage and adjustable straps help keep the wind away.

Keeping It Light

Despite the chunky body offering plenty of warmth, this jacket still manages to be light enough that it won’t overbear your pup when they are out on longer walks. You can fit their usual harness underneath without any problem.


  • Waterproof outer layer.
  • Brilliantly soft.
  • Surprisingly lightweight.
  • High-visibility reflective piping.
  • Adjustable fit and looks great.


  • The two-way zip is clever but not solid.
  • The chest plate is held in place by a small amount of stitching.

7. Asenku Winter Reversible Plaid Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - ASENKU Dog Winter Coat, Dog Jacket Plaid Reversible

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The plaid/check style is very in right now – amongst dogs and humans alike! Here we have yet another reversible checked jacket that keeps your dog warm and you looking like a pet fashion guru.

Great Customer Service

One thing you can’t buy with your jacket is a good service from the seller. Fortunately, Asenku provides that service regardless, meaning any issues with size or reasonable faults will be dealt with, and feedback logged and used.

Only The Best

High material quality should be a minimal requirement for any item of clothing, but it can be hard to come across in the vast marketplace of the internet these days. The craftsmanship on show in this jacket is top-notch.


  • Pocket on the back is handy for treats and poop bags.
  • Thick polyester filling is warm yet light.
  • Reversible style with quality belly and neck adjustments.
  • Good value for money.
  • High-performance Velcro.


  • Not very water-resistant.
  • Short in the sides.

8. Pupteck Reversible Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - PUPTECK Reversible Dog Winter Clothes

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The cute paw print design on the plain side of this reversible jacket sets it apart from its competitors. It is also effortlessly simple to put on and take off thanks to its design and Velcro panels. Another jacket that won’t hurt the wallet.

Well Worth The Money

Coming in at a very affordable price, you might expect this jacket to fall behind in certain quality aspects. However, you will be pleasantly surprised when you feel the softness of the plaid fabric layer and the hard-wearing durability of the polyester shell.

Safe And Simple

The jacket goes on a dream: all you have to do is wrap your dog in it and secure the Velcro. It is even easier than a step-in jacket! Both sides are also equipped with thick reflective piping to ensure high visibility at night.


  • Soft and cozy fabric side.
  • Waterproof polyester side.
  • High-quality – especially for the price.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Easy to put on.


  • Weaker Velcro around the neck.
  • Stitching faults on some jackets.

9. Beaszw Reversible Insulated Jacket

best winter jackets for dogs - BESAZW Dog Jacket Winter Coats

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A small twist on the reversible plaid classic here. This is a jacket that offers style on both sides, with the plaid style on the collar looking smart on your dog while the larger inner layer is working on keeping them warm. 

Easy Cleaning

Following a nice winter walk, you will find that your dog and their jacket have accumulated quite a lot of mud splash marks more often than not. This jacket simply slips off and goes straight into the washing machine, coming out looking brand new!

Just Like The Picture

You may sometimes be disappointed by internet-bought products, as when they turn up at your door they don’t quite have the fresh, bright look they do on your computer. This jacket holds nothing back and is exactly as it presents online.


  • Split design on both sides.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Warm fabric plaid layer.
  • The fresh new look matches the advertisement.
  • Thick reflective strip and collar hole for leash included.


  • No attachment opening for a harness.
  • Not as durable as some we’ve looked at.

10. Proplums Dog Winter Jacket

best winter jackts for dogs - PROPLUMS Dog Winter Jacket

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Our final jacket is a classic style – tough and durable nylon outer combined with a warm but light polyester lining. The heightened collar is a clever piece of design that helps to keep the back of your dogs head and neck safe from any nasty weather.

Lightweight Wearing

Despite the tough nylon outer and the padded polyester lining, this jacket manages to retain a lightweight feel and comfortable fit for your pup. The weight is negligible and will barely be noticed by your dog as they explore their surroundings.

Performance Personified

A lot of effort has gone into the design of this jacket to make it a top performer in the winter weather. It is light and comfortable while still providing waterproof protection to your dog from nose to tail with a 100% nylon outer that is also abrasion-resistant.


  • Lightweight yet tough.
  • Waterproof outer.
  • Soft and cozy lining.
  • Easy to slip into.
  • An elasticated chest provides comfort.


  • Fit is not adjustable.
  • Stitching is thin at the stress points.

Our Conclusion

As always with dog clothing, it is imperative to thoroughly measure your pup before placing any orders. Ill-fitting sizes are still the most common source of customer complaints, yet this can be offset by making sure you have measured around all the key areas: the neck, chest, and ribcage. Once you have the size of your dog nailed down if any issues arise with items that should be the correct size you should get in touch with the manufacturer as soon as possible to let them know. 

Having said that, some dogs are famously awkward to fit for most coats and sweaters, so consider a jacket that allows for some adjustability, as wind chill is often forgotten as a source of cold that needs to be eliminated. Elastic ribbed chest and ribcages are great for dogs that struggle to fit traditional sizes. Aim for reliability and comfort over anything else and you will be looking at a jacket to last many winter seasons.