Best Dog Coats

Despite your dog’s fur providing them good natural warmth, when taking them for walks it is important to know that they need that extra layer when the weather turns cooler. While thick winter jackets are great for the really chilly months, they can cause your dog to overheat in milder weather – especially when they like to be active outdoors. You want to get the balance right between warmth, abrasion-resistance, and breathability when it comes to coats. A sprinkling of style doesn’t hurt either! There’s no reason that your pup shouldn’t be the talk of the town while they strut their stuff on walks.

When the temperature drops it is essential that you have a high-performance coat that can provide a good range of movement, keep your pup warm without overheating, and still protect them from any unwanted weather without irritating their skin. For the perfect coat that will look good while lasting the course, continue reading for ten examples of the best dog coats on the market. Get yourself extra cool/adorable points by picking out a matching style for yourself!

10 Best Dog Coats in 2020

1. Chore Water Repellent Cotton Coat

best dog coats - Carhartt Chore Coat, Dog Vest, Water Repellent Cotton Duck Canvas

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Carhartt has brought the workwear style to the four-legged members of your family! This is a tough coat that will protect your pup against the elements, scrapes, and general mischief. The Hunter Orange color is particularly appealing.

Workwear For Dogs

As the Carhartt human range caters to long-lasting workwear apparel, this coat will keep your dog protected for the long term. The corduroy collar is a nice touch for those matching family photos!

No-Fuss Nylon

Something that might be overlooked with this jacket is its nylon inner lining. Because it isn’t plush fur of padded fabric, you might think it isn’t as warm or protective. Quite the opposite! As well as that, it won’t pick up fur anywhere near as badly.


  • Two reinforced pockets.
  • Tough outer shell.
  • Fashionable style.
  • Nylon lining doesn’t pick up much fur.
  • Easy to put on in a pinch.


  • Quality control – some slip through with twisted hook-and-loop.
  • No clips to secure the coat.

2. Ruffwear Abrasion Resistant Coat

best dog coats - RUFFWEAR - Overcoat, Abrasion-Resistant Insulated Jacket for Dogs

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Ruffwear is a tried and tested brand for dog products, and they have their own tough-as-nails coat to keep your pup protected. The vest style has good all-over body coverage to keep the mud in the field where it belongs!

Tried And Trusted

This weather-resistant coat has been field-tested by RUFFWEAR themselves as well as dog owners everywhere. The result? Glowing reviews and a deserved reputation as one of the top dogs (pun intended, not sorry) on the market.

Little Details

It’s the attention to detail that really shows that this brand takes pride in what they do. The overlapping leash portal, the reflective accents, and the easy-clip buckles are all minute details that make a big difference.


  • Easy to take on and off.
  • Weather and abrasion-resistant.
  • Reflective trim provides visibility.
  • Warm fleece lining.
  • Good coverage for the whole body.


  • Baggy chest due to belly coverage.
  • Length to girth ratio is off for shorter, bulky dogs.

3. Gooby Small Dog Bomber Vest

best dog coats - Gooby - Fashion Vest, Small Dog Sweater Bomber Jacket Coat

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This is the first of the properly stylish models you’ll see. The red check is a personal favorite, but there are plenty of other colors to choose from; and it’s functional too, with some cool features that really help you out.

A Perfect Fit

The elasticated belly of this coat makes it brilliant for those pups that are an awkward shape to fit most brands. We’ve all been there, right? Broad-chested dog owners rejoice, as this will also grow with them as needed.

Step-In Convenience

You hardly expect to find that putting on your dog’s coat is so easy. The top zipper means that pre-walkies prep is as simple as stepping into the coat and fastening the zip. You can pull upwards to keep fur from getting caught, too.


  • Huge range of color and style to choose from.
  • Easy zip for step-in convenience.
  • Elasticated to fit.
  • Double D-ring – no harness needed for shorter walks.
  • Soft, comfortable fabric upper.


  • Not scratch-proof.
  • If the zipper gets caught or broken it is unusable.

4. Migohi Reflective Waterproof Coat

best dog coats - MIGOHI Reflective Waterproof Windproof Dog Coat

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This is a great lightweight coat that will protect against most weather types and look good doing it! It’s layered well, highly visible (especially if you go for the very attractive pink), and comes in every size you could possibly need.


The outer layer is waterproof, which keeps the inner fleece and cotton dry and warm to keep your pup happy. Sleet and hail will bounce right off this tough coat, and it’s easily dried due to the impressive outer.

Safety First

The reflective detailing on this coat is especially bright under streetlights or headlights. All dog owners fear them escaping from their leash, but this coat at least makes them as visible as possible to you and others.


  • Five varied colors to choose from.
  • Sizing fits almost all breeds.
  • Easy-clean wipedown material.
  • Zipped access to collar/leash.
  • Light and soft for a comfortable walk.


  • I wouldn’t recommend using the elastic straps on your pup’s hind legs.
  • Not the most breathable for springtime.

5. Kuoser British Style Plaid Vest

best dog coats - Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

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Kuoser by name, cozy by nature, at least in the case of this doggie coat! My favorite thing about this coat is that it is reversible, and has a completely different look on each side. It’s a well-priced, well-functioning coat.

Style Icon

You get the best of both worlds without having to buy two coats if you go for this. You get the plain color on one side for your pup’s chic, everyday look, and flip it around for a checked flannel shirt style for casual Fridays!

Strong And Sturdy

Don’t think that this coat is just a fashion statement. It is nicely constructed to prevent wind and rain from getting through, and the quality stitching with hook-and-loop strap won’t let you down when you need it.


  • Very desirable style and reversibility.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Good quality material and manufacturing.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Warm lining combined with durable fabric.


  • Hard to get a perfect fit.
  • Hook-and-loop may need replacing after a few months to a year.

6. Gooby Fleece Vest Pullover

best dog coats - Gooby - Fleece Vest, Small Dog Pullover Fleece Jacket with Leash Ring

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This fleecy vest from Gooby comes in as many colors as you can think of. It’s a simple pullover that doesn’t require any buckles or straps that can loosen or break, and will keep your dog warm when they need to go do their business!

Easy To Clean

Because of the lack of any added plastics or metals (save for the one leash ring), this coat is easy to throw straight into the washing machine. It’s so easy to get rid of the winter splashes and slush they encounter.

Choices and Function

With twenty-one colors to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect style for you and your pup. The easy pullover style makes it very functional and comes on and off in no time with no time wasted on zips and clips.


  • Plenty of color choice.
  • Toasty fleece material.
  • Simple to take off and put on.
  • Machine washable.
  • Leash ring attached.


  • Lack of adjustability.
  • Not great water resistance.

7. Hugo & Hudson Reversible Puffer

best dog coats - HUGO & HUDSON Reversible Puffer Jacket for Dogs

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A unique style and reversible function are just two of the amazing benefits provided by this puffer-style dog coat. The outer layer prevents water from getting through while the comfortable inner filling keeps your pup warm.

Easy On

A simple zipper is all you have to worry about when getting more unwilling pups to wear their coat. It’s as simple as stepping through and fastening. There is also a hole fitted in the back for harness access.

So Many Sizes

Hugo & Hudson truly go the extra mile when it comes to sizing up your dog coat. Each typical style (XS, S, M, etc.) has two different sizes within each bracket for even more dogs to fit them perfectly!


  • Water-resistant outer layer.
  • Reversible with excellent color choices.
  • Massive size availability.
  • One zip application.
  • Easy to machine wash.


  • You rely on the zip not to break.
  • It isn’t adjustable, so measure your dog first!

8. Tellpet Waterproof Raincoat

best dog coats - Tellpet Dog Jacket Waterproof Dog Raincoat

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Tellpet’s brand new 2020 style is yet to be fully tested by the dog-owning public at large, but early signs point to a reliable and hard-wearing coat for use in all types of weather. It has some promising safety features that we’ll get into.

Custom Fit

The webbing-lined waist buckle is a welcome addition to the coat as it allows for more adjustability than ever before. You can let it out for wider-chested pups, and tighten to fit and prevent debris from getting inside.

Safety And Comfort

The reflective trim is well designed to show up when needed without being lost in the coat. The coat also runs up the neck for maximum dryness with an elastic cord tightener and is elasticated around the neck so that it doesn’t cause problems with breathing.


  • Waterproof nylon is strong and resistant.
  • An adjustable waistline fits most sizes.
  • Effective reflective trim.
  • A comfortable fit around the neck keeps more of your dog dry and clean.
  • Perfect raincoat with no overheating.


  • Small fit – even with adjustability.
  • Needs some fiddling to get the fit right.

9. Pro Plums Adjustable Raincoat

best dog coats - Pro Plums Dog Raincoat Adjustable Lightweight Jacket

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A great fit is never guaranteed – but the Pro Plums’ Lightweight Jacket is a safe bet to be as good a fit as any on the market. It is another good coat to use for dogs that are prone to overheat.

All Season Coat

While you may need an extra layer in the winter, this coat will easily cope with the demands of the elements by itself from spring through fall. The breathable material is ideal for warmer climates that still see their share of rain.

Function First

The lightweight breathable coat is also waterproof and highly reflective. You can keep your pup safe, warm, and dry in one go with this light yet functional coat. Their harness fits through the coat with minimal intrusion.


  • Light and breathable for all seasons.
  • High reflection.
  • Waterproof outer layer.
  • Adjustable back and collar.
  • Easy to clean fabric.


  • Not especially durable.
  • No fleece or cotton comfort lining.

10. Kurgo Dog Coat

best dog coats - Kurgo Dog Jacket

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This Kurgo coat is another example of a great reversible with bright and visible colors to help you see your dog and make sure they stand out from the crowd. Kurgo also provides us with a lifetime guarantee of quality.

Seasonal Function

Like the Pro Plums model above, the Kurgo is great in all weather, suiting it perfectly to humid climates and temperamental weather patterns. It’s a lightweight option to wear over a harness. So light, in fact, your pup won’t even notice it! 

Soft And Cozy

The padded inner lining provides warmth and comfort for your dog without overheating them. The coverage keeps the core warm and protected from grit and other irritants, while the synthetic outer keeps out water. 


  • Light enough for energetic dogs in cooler weather. 
  • Water-resistant to stop shivering in rain. 
  • Cozy lining won’t cause irritation. 
  • Zipper opening to attach your pup’s leash to their harness. 
  • Athletic fit provides a great range of movement. 


  • Fit alters when reversed. 
  • Large increments between sizes. 

Our Conclusion

The first thing you’ll want to get right when looking for a new coat for your pup is checking and then double-checking their measurements. Some coats are unfortunately just not suited to certain shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to know exactly how long your dog is, and the circumference of their chest, waist, and neck. Countless dog owners have been caught short by simply buying their usual size blindly from a new manufacturer. Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs are two good examples of breeds you need to take extra care measuring up.

Think about the vast difference in your clothes, for example. Most t-shirts fit me perfectly in a medium, but at 6’4” with a slim build I find myself struggling for length quite often. This is the same with dog apparel. Fortunately, dogs have the advantage of being unfazed if they have to go up a size! For each of these coats, you can find many testimonials from satisfied customers – and a lot of reviewers can’t help but include pictures of their dogs rocking the coat – so have a scroll and fit the pup to the coat.