Best Cat Treats (Overall)

Is there any better bonding experience with your cat than shaking their favorite bag of treats and watching them run to you excitedly? Many cats look forward to their treat time and look to you every day for their special snack.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of really unhealthy treats on the market that will not offer your kitty an ounce of nutrition. Many unreliable companies pump their food and treats full of unhealthy fillers to keep manufacturing and sales prices low. Though these options sound appealing because of their low price, they’re downright dangerous to feed your pet.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and researched the best cat treats on the market today. Keep reading to find ten unique options that may very well become the best part of your cat’s day (aside from snuggling with you, of course).

10 Best Cat Treats in 2020

1. Temptations MixUps

Cat Treats - TEMPTATIONS MixUps

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We absolutely had to kick off our list of best cat treats with the best-known brand out there today – Temptations. These tasty little treats are sure to drive your cats wild (maybe not “jump-through-the-wall” wild as the commercials for these treats might have you believe, though). They’re 100% nutritionally complete, too, so they’re something you don’t have to feel guilty about giving your kitties.

Unique Texture
One of the characteristics that sets these treats apart from any of the others is their ability to be crunchy and soft at the same time. The outside provides that crunch that many cats crave, meanwhile the inside is soft and creamy.

Flavor Combinations
MixUps provide your kitty with unique flavor combinations like you’ve never seen before from Temptations. They come in three tasty flavors: tuna/shrimp/salmon, chicken/liver/beef, or chicken/catnip/cheddar.

Cost and Value
Though at first glance the price tag might seem high for a box of cat treats, you have to remember to look at the size of the box. These come in a whopping 16-ounce container so you’re getting a ton of treats for a fair price.


  • Cats won’t be able to rip into the box with their claws
  • Low calorie
  • Cats go nuts for them
  • 100% nutritionally complete


  • Need to be fed sparingly as some cats prefer the taste of the treats over their regular food

2. Feline Greenies


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Does your cat’s breath get in the way of your nightly snuggles? If so, a dental treat might be the answer. These treats from Greenies double as a dental treat, reducing tartar and refreshing your kitty’s breath with every bite.

Natural Formulation
These treats are made using a natural formula with added vitamins and minerals for a health boost that you’d be hard-pressed to find in other treats on the market. They’re only 1.39 calories per treat, too, so you or your kitty shouldn’t feel guilty about having them in your home.

Made for Dental Health
These are the number one veterinarian-recommended dental treat for cats. Their unique and crunchy texture works to reduce tartar buildup on your cat’s teeth.

Cost and Value
While these are far from the cheapest box of treats on our list, we absolutely recommend them because of the dental benefits they provide. Your cat will come running when she hears you shaking the treat container and you can rest easy at night knowing you’re not feeding her unhealthy junk.


  • Comes in four flavors – chicken, catnip, salmon, and tuna
  • Includes vitamins and minerals for a health boost
  • Cats love the irresistible crunch
  • Can help freshen feline tuna breath


  • Formula doesn’t seem to agree with every cat’s tummy

3. Friskies Party Mix

Cat Treats - Friskies Party Mix

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If you’re on a budget but still want to be able to treat your kitty to some yummy treats, you need some Friskies Party Mix in your pantry. This humungous 20-ounce container of treats will last a long time, much to your cat’s dismay who would prefer you feed them the entire container in one go.

Made With Real Chicken
In case you didn’t know, the first ingredient listed in the list of ingredients on any food label (yes, including human food, too) is the item that’s most prevalent in the product. The first ingredient on this label? Real chicken. That means that you’ll be able to give your cat these treats knowing that they’re not entirely chock full of unhealthy filters and garbage.

Teeth Cleaning Power
Give your kitty a few of these treats to tide them over until their next meal while helping them clean their teeth at the same time. That’s right, these treats aren’t only delicious, but they’re great for helping clean your fur babies’ teeth, too.

Cost and Value
This product is one of the best on our list in terms of value. You’re receiving a huge 20-ounce container of cat treats for a very low price.


  • Provides a great crunch that cats love
  • Low calorie
  • Great value
  • Comes in three different flavors


  • Some cats may refuse other hard food once they’ve tried these treats

4. Wellness Kittles

Cat Treats - Wellness Kittles

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It can be difficult to find suitable treats if your kitty has food sensitivities and needs to follow a grain-free diet. Thankfully Wellness Naturals knows that all pets deserve to be treated occasionally, even if they have tummy issues. These treats are 100% grain-free, perfect for any feline who has to follow a special diet.

All Natural
These treats are not only tasty and crunchy, but they’re also all-natural, too. They’re made without the use of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives so you can feel good about feeding them to your pets.

Unique Ingredients
Everyone knows that cats are meat lovers. But did you know that they can benefit from fruits, too? The manufacturer knows this and that’s why they include ingredients like cranberries and blueberries in this product. The cranberries work to support your pet’s urinary health, keeping harmful bacteria at bay. Blueberries are naturally high in antioxidants, providing your pet with a boost of vitamins and fiber.

Cost and Value
We were surprised to see just how affordable this product is. Sure, you receive a smaller bag than some of the above options, but that’s perfect for testing the waters to see if your sensitive and picky pets will like the treats. Even if they’ve decided this is the best treat for them, it’s not going to cost you a fortune to purchase them a bag every now and then.


  • Available in 2 or 4 ounce bags
  • Seven different flavor varieties
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for sensitive tummies


  • Not as flavorful as other treats on the market

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Cat Treats - Blue Buffalo Wilderness

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Like Wellness Naturals, Blue Buffalo is another brand name that’s known for producing high-quality pet food without the use of grains or other preservatives. If you want a healthy treat that your cats will love the taste of, check these out.

Only the Good Stuff
There is absolutely no animal by-products, grain, preservatives, soy, or wheat used in the manufacturing of these treats. Instead, they’re chock full of real chicken and turkey, potatoes, and natural flavors that your pet will love.

Flavors Aplenty
The good news is if your cats love poultry, they’re going to absolutely go wild for these treats. They’re available in four different chicken-centric flavors – chicken/duck, chicken/salmon, chicken/trout, and chicken/turkey.

Cost and Value
We were quite shocked – in a good way – to see the price tag on these treats. Blue Buffalo is one of the most highly respected natural pet food brands available today so we expected these treats to come with a much higher price tag. Though it is important to note that these come in a small two or four-ounce bag only.


  • Great for pets with allergies
  • Full of high-quality meat
  • Soft texture
  • Wholesome ingredients


  • Not a lot of bang for your buck

6. Inaba Churu

Cat Treats - INABA Churu

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You might not immediately recognize this brand name, but your cats are sure to love these delicious lickable treats from INABA. If your kitties have problems chewing or prefer the texture of soft food, they’re going to go wild for these.

High in Moisture
Most cat treats on the market are hard and crunchy. While many cats love that texture, not all of them do. These treats are super creamy and high in moisture, providing an additional health boost and hydration for your kitties.

Many Feeding Options
Another great feature of these treats is that there are plenty of ways to offer them. Pour them onto a plate and let your cat lick it off. Put them on top of their wet or dry food to make their meal more appetizing. Open the bag and let the scent of the treat lure your kitty to you, boosting your bond as you hand feed them.

Cost and Value
These aren’t the most cost-effective treats on our list. They come in several different size options from 4 to 50 tubes, though it doesn’t seem that buying in bulk saves you a lot of money unless you’re opting for the 50 tubes.


  • Many different flavor combinations
  • Made with real meat
  • No grains or preservatives
  • Better value when you buy in bulk


  • May not agree with every kitty’s tummy

7. Hartz Delectables Bisque

Best Cat Treats - Hartz Lickable Wet Cat Treat

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Here is another lickable treat option for people whose pets prefer to lick their treats rather than chew them. We loved this one because it’s made specifically with senior pets in mind, though Hartz does make a formula for kittens, too.

Wet Texture
Have you ever fed your cats a runny wet food with meat chunks in it? Ever notice how they’ll sometimes leave behind the meat chunks and instead just lap at the liquid around them? These treats are made with real tuna and chicken flakes, but they’re blended into a creamy sauce so there’s no way your kitty can pick and choose what he eats.

Added Vitamins
This product is formulated with several different vitamins to ensure your kitty is getting a health boost every time you treat him to his new favorite lickable snack. It also contains a prebiotic to help with senior cat’s delicate digestive systems.

Cost and Value
These are priced quite similarly to the INABA option above. We loved that these are made specifically for senior cats (or kittens), though, which is what sets it apart from the previous product in our guide.


  • Contains vitamin E and several B vitamins
  • Nutritionally complete
  • Supports kidney health
  • Good for cats with poor teeth


  • Portions are small

8. Sheba Meaty Sticks

Cat Treats - Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks

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Don’t let the dog bone-esque look of these treats fool you. Many cats go absolutely bonkers for these Tender Sticks from Sheba. They’re made without those nasty filler ingredients and contain no corn, wheat, or soy, so they’re a healthier treat you don’t need to feel guilty about giving your pet.

Made With Real Meat
These sticks are made with real meat to ensure you’re providing your kitty’s with a taste they’re going to love. They come in three different flavors – chicken, salmon, or tuna – providing your kitty with a great source of protein to feed their muscles.

Soft and Tender
Though they look like a tough dog bone, these treats are actually very soft and tender. That makes it easier for your cats to eat and digest.

Cost and Value
These are an expensive treat, but one your cat is sure to enjoy. We loved that they’re made without fillers, but the price may not be something you can continue justifying. Use these as a once-a-week treat to extend their lifespan. Be sure to hide them from your kitty, though, so they don’t find them and tear into the bag themselves.


  • No artificial flavoring
  • Not crumbly
  • Can be broken down into smaller chunks for cats with dental issues
  • Pre-portioned


  • Stinky (for humans – cats love the smell)

9. Purina Whisker Lickin’s

Cat Treats - Purina Whisker Lickin's

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If you want to absolutely spoil your feline friends, you need to get your hands on these treats from Purina. These come in just one flavor – tuna – a solid, tried and true taste most cats love.

Different Size Options
If you know your cat is going to love these treats, get more bang for your buck by purchasing them in bulk. They’re available in a four-pack of 10-ounce pouches or a 10-pack of 4-ounce canisters. You can find them in individual 1.7-ounce pouches, too, if you’re not sure your kitty will like them.

Tartar Control
Goodbye tartar and stinky breath! These treats are not only incredibly tasty for your cats, but they’re good for their dental health, too.

Cost and Value
Though the price might come as a bit of a shock at first, remember that you’re getting these treats in bulk. We loved that there are different size options so when we bought the 1.7-ounce packet and found that our kitty loved them, we were able to upsize to the 10 four-ounce canisters for more bang for our buck.


  • Crunchy texture cats love
  • Great bargain when you buy in bulk
  • Enticing to picky eaters
  • Can boost dental health


  • Cats can rip into the pouches if you don’t hide them

10. Orijen Original

Cat Treats - ORIJEN

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Last but not least, we bring you these freeze-dried cat treats from ORIJEN. These are a nutrient-dense and high protein option that’s far different than any of the others we’ve reviewed here today.

100% Animal Ingredients
These treats are made with 100% animal ingredients and natural preservatives, providing a way for you to meet your pet’s biological needs while still being able to give them a treat now and then. They’re made with ingredients like real meat, organs, cartilage, and even bone.

Six Flavors
These come in six different flavors, making your job of choosing which your pet will love quite difficult. They offer your typical cat treat flavors like lamb and poultry (in their “Original” flavor), but also unique options like “Wild Boar” with liver and kidney and “Tundra” with a goat, venison, and mackerel.

Cost and Value
The price is a little steep considering these treats only come in 1.25 ounce bags. That said, however, these are a step up in nutrition from most of the other products in our guide. If you want the most nutritionally sound and locally sourced ingredients, ORIJEN is the clear winner.


  • Unique flavor combinations
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses raw animal ingredients
  • Great for any life stage


  • Expensive

Our Conclusion

Offering your cat treats can bring the two of you together. They’ll look to you for their daily snack and may even ask for it (or, in some cases, demand it). You can rest assured knowing you’re giving your kitty the best cat treats on the market when you choose one of the ten from our list.

Remember, though, these are meant to serve as treats only. It’s not recommended to feed your cat any of these products as their sole source of nutrition.