Author: Lucy Searle

Hi, my name is Lucy, a 38 year old animal lover from the UK, who loves nothing more than to write about pets! I live with the no. 1 boy in my life, Pancho (Pancho Pants to his friends!), who really is quite possibly the coolest cat about town! Pancho came to me as a rescue 5 years ago and really is my pride and joy. His cheeky attitude, endless cat chat and willingness to learn is what keeps me going every day (except when he brings me in presents eekk!). I am a keen horse enthusiast and horse riding is a regular part of my week, where I partake in both dressage and jumping as well as British Horse Society exams. I couldn’t imagine life without horses. Some may say I’m mad, but I say horses are good for the soul. I have a passion for all animals, big and small, and have great joy in sharing my knowledge with others, whether that be care tips, advice, welfare issues or the latest news and trends.